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Inspiration to follow your dreams: my personal story

I want to inspire. Inspire you to follow your dreams...

I am feeling led to share a little background with you.

A little about my work history and how I got to THIS.

THIS place....typing this blog my den....on my my workout clothes....with no makeup on.....and calling it WORK.

Follow Your Dreams by Fit Fifty and Fearless Tracey Bellion

Its a very cozy photo and maybe sends a message of complete comfort and luxury. I won't say it's not comfortable....and feels pretty amazing.....but I am feeling led to share some of the long and crooked road that got me here.

It's my hope that maybe someone needs to hear it today.....

Someone that is in the trenches right now.....working long and hard....doing the things they don't really have a calling to do....but the things that are necessary at the bills.....and the need to eat!

If you'd have told me years ago when I was "single-moming" it with three teenagers and working 12-14 hour high stress ICU night shifts at the local hospital 7-8-9 days in a row sleeping only 3-4 hours a day and missing holidays and this birthdays with them just to keep this very roof over our heads and groceries in the fridge....that one day in my future I'd be working from home at my own pace from a computer in my workout clothes with no make up and sipping coffee.....and not having to worry about how I'd pay the mortgage this month....I'd have replied with very sleepy eyes and a sarcastic tone in my voice...."WHATEVER"!

Follow Your Dreams by Fit Fifty and Fearless Tracey Bellion

But here I am.

Was it MY actual dream?? Not specifically. But I did long for MORE. I knew I had more to give of myself and I just wanted the freedom to be able to do that! I still work very hard....too hard probably...but I have SO much freedom!

I make the rules, I make the schedule, I make the plans, I set the goals, I choose who I want to work with, I have freedom!!!

And most importantly I love what I do!

I love making videos right here in my own home while I guide other to tap into their own creativity with paints!

I love guiding others across the country to a healthier lifestyle....right from my very own kitchen!

Follow Your Dreams by Fit Fifty and Fearless Tracey Bellion

I get to travel....teaching others to paint and designing rooms on site....

I now have the opportunity to work with other companies promoting products that I LOVE like Dixie Belle Paint, Lange Hair Care & Feet Up!

I'm free now.....and if you can be too if you so desire!

Follow Your Dreams by Fit Fifty and Fearless Tracey Bellion

How did it happen?

I stayed OPEN to Gods' plan.

I worked hard and kept my mind and heart and eyes wide open. I sought opportunities and took risk. I did scary things that made me uncomfortable. I put myself out there and tried all the things.

Heck...I'm still trying all the things! And some of the things don't work! Sometimes I fall! But I keep trying!

If you are feeling called in another direction.....if you feel you have more to give and something to share beyond what you currently are....I encourage you to get "un-stuck"!!

Open your heart and ask God to fill you up and use you!

Focus on your gifts. Focus on your "second nature"....the things that you do easily and naturally....and figure out a way to monetize that! Ask yourself how you can use those gifts to serve others.

And then DO IT!

Follow Your Dreams by Fit Fifty and Fearless Tracey Bellion

Follow your dreams.

It's never too late to try!

Read more of my story HERE....including a video of from January of 2018 when I first decide to commit to changing my live!

Please share my Inspiration to Follow Your Dreams pin and follow me on Pinterest!

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