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Meet Maple...and hear her Angel Wings story

Do you believe in angels?

I do.

In the first week of October 2018, my mother came to me in a dream.  My mother passed away 12 years ago and I've probably only dreamed of her a handful of times.  This specific dream was very vivid....and she was clear and direct with a set of instructions.

I was to paint an angel the ones she was wearing.   And she specifically asked for it to be dripping in gold.

Drippy Angel Wings by Tracey's Fancy

I woke the next day and obediently began a sketch.  I knew without a doubt there was purpose in this Godly message....even though I had no idea what it was.

Painting Drippy Angel Wings by Tracey's Fancy

So many things fell into place around this simple angel wing canvas.....too many to share in a blog.  I'll need to save the full circle story and all its details for that book I plan to get started on soon.  But for now....I'll give you a few of the highlights.

Within 24 hours I was asked to make a donation for a church fundraiser.  Before I let this wing go to the church...I took this photo and posted it on social media. 

Drippy Angel Wings by Tracey's Fancy

The wing went to the church auction.  The photo of the wing was posted to my social media.

In response to my post....more request than I could hardly believe came through asking me to teach my technique for my angle wing.....the technique that my mother led me through in my dream!

So I offered an online class......and the turnout was unbelievable!  That wing spoke to so many people.  I received story after story about how much my angel wing spoke to them and they wanted to make their own.

Silver Drippy Angel Wings by Tracey's Fancy

These women took my class and began creating this same angel wing of all sizes on canvas and furniture and even walls!   It was as if this wing had a voice and could actually call out to people!  They were being given as gifts.....sold in boutiques....offered as custom paintings on Etsy.....even made into Christmas ornaments!  I was beyond thrilled that the Divine message that came to me in a dream.....was bringing joy to SO many other people!  

This is just a small sample of the textured angel wings created by the wonderful women in my Drippy Angel Wings class...


And then California caught on fire.  The November fires of 2018...the most destructive wildfires of CA to date. 

This is where my story will be most of it is not mine to tell. was my dream....and my the end.

One of my students (and now friend), Cathy, had taken my Angel Wing class.....and painted another wing to be donated to an art show that was raising money for victims of the devastating fire. Cathy is from California and was directly affected by the fires herself. She was forced to evacuate but fortunate to have not lost her home. She did, however, have many friends that suffered and she experienced the loss and devastation with them. 

So when she painted her wing for the art show, she added a few loose frayed feathers to her wing to represent an angel that had worked hard.  She dripped her angel wing with silver to represent the angel had been near the fires and again....worked hard.  The wing is surrounded by the bluest of blue.

Meet Maple the dog.  Her owner is Kat.  Kat and Maple lost their home in the Paradise fire.  They drove for 4 hours in the black smoke.  Maple rode with Kat in the car as they tried to reach safety.  Kat recalls suddenly seeing blue skies....and knowing they would survive.

Cathy's angel wing surrounded by the beautiful blue..... reminded Kat of the blue skies that she remembered seeing.

But would you look at Maple??  Kat says Maple sat and stared at this painting for hours when she brought it home.

I believe dogs see, hear, and feel things that we don't.  Both Cathy and I believe that Maple recognized those wings.  Cathy said to me, "In my humble opinion, this painting reminds Maple of what she must have seen as they escaped the black the safety of angle wings that led them to the blue sky".

That is full circle, my friends.  Call me crazy??  Call me what you want!  I stand in my belief that God created angels....and angels exist.

My mother is an angel....and she delivered a message.....I shared the message....which allowed many others to share the message.....and the wings brought joy and comfort to many......and Maple the dog.... is letting us know that angles are real and good.....and we should listen for their messages.

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and your rampart. Psalm 91:4


If you are inspired to create your own angel wings like so many women in my class, you can here with my Drippy Angel Wings class...

Or if you are looking for other tutorials, check out all of my course offerings HERE.

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Drippy Angel Wings by Tracey's Fancy
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