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Neutral cactus wall mural for a tranquil nursery space

This little neutral cactus wall mural sure was fun to paint!

It is a much less complicated finish than the Bold Boho Cactus mural that I shared with you last week. This one took less than four hours to create and only required three colors of paint! Absolutely anyone could create this mural in their own home!

The client shared an inspiration photo that she wanted re-created almost exactly. I will share that photo as well as the resource at the end of this blog....because I am a big advocate of sharing where the original work came from!

neutral cactus wall mural by Tracey's Fancy

Just like the Bold Boho Cactus mural and following the advice on BonBon Shalal on how to paint a mural, I drew the cacti freehand with a pencil. I then decided which cactus would be which color (based on the clients bedding fabric) and just got busy on the underpainting!

neutral cactus wall mural by Tracey's Fancy

I kept it light and fun....using only a few colors....and even working in some finger painting in the process. I don't always use brushes to paint....I often use spatulas and blades and even my fingers!

neutral cactus wall mural by Tracey's Fancy

Here you can see that I am using my fingers to apply the Farmhouse Green dots over the Evergreen (all paints used are by Dixie Belle Paint Company as always)!

neutral cactus wall mural by Tracey's Fancy

That Farmhouse Green Paint below was mixed with light sprays of water while I worked to give it a sheer almost water color look. I shared this technique during a live video that you can see here.

In a hurry?? I also have a shortened (under 10 minute) version HERE...

I then applied the tiny cactus spines by using Collard Green. It is a very dark green that almost appears as black or a charcoal gray.

neutral cactus wall mural by Tracey's Fancy

For some reason I loved this corner of the mural! The busy look of the spines and the stacked cacti really took on personality for me while I was painting them.

neutral cactus wall mural by Tracey's Fancy

The view below shows the variation in color obtained from just three colors of paint.....mixed with water! Again....the dark Collard Green appears very gray/green below as it was used with a great amount of water. That is what I love about my Dixie Belle Paint! It mixes and blends and shades so beautifully if you are really wanting a true artistic look!

neutral cactus wall mural by Tracey's Fancy

My client wanted me to recreate this mural from a photo she found on Instagram and can be seen at the Cheyenne Coerper Instagram account. I never realized it before, but now I know what people mean when they say that social media can be a wonderful place. It gives you the ability to find inspiration in the most unlikely of places and from people who you'll probably never meet in your lifetime. Unless of course you reach out to them for more ideas. I'm sure that the people posting such photos strive to get as many followers as possible, so it wouldn't come as a surprise to hear if they have read something like this combin review to see how follower growth services can make a difference to their numbers. But then again, if they're posting amazing content that can inspire so many people, they probably don't need the extra help. The neutral vibe of this nursery that was found on social media is exactly what my client is after! They will even be adding the very same wooden circle with their babies name to the wall mural.


The products listed here are what I used for this neutral cactus wall mural. Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

See you next week!



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