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Pink Nightstand White Rabbit

Sometimes things are just better in pairs!

Nope... you are NOT seeing double! I created a "friend" for the Alice Nightstand #1...... so let me introduce you to Alice Nightstands #1 & #2! The newest being the Pink Nightstand White Rabbit taller one.

If this is your first time seeing this project please visit Alice Nightstand #1..... for all the details on how it was created! Today I'd like to share with you HOW and WHY I created another. While I was creating the first nightstand..... I just felt it in my bones that it would land in a newborn nursery or a little girls room. You may think this is obvious due to its soft pink palette and childlike theme.... but let me tell you..... you just might be shocked to know there is a HUGE Alice in Wonderland "adult" following.... and there were plenty of women that asked to purchase this piece for themselves.... after it had already sold.

Whimsical Alice Nightstand by Tracey's Fancy

Well...... that feeling I had was correct! It sold in less than an hour..... and is headed to New Jersey to the bedroom of a four year old princess! She's actually the youngest of three children.... and the older two are boys.... so this little girl is truly treated like a princess! Her mother asked if I could find another nightstand similar in style and recreate a new scene including the white rabbit. And that is exactly what I did!

I don't really need to go into the "how-to" instructions.... as there is already a full blog written for you that includes all the same steps here.I used the exact same color products: Tea Rose, Sawmill Gravy, Gravel Road, Best Dang Wax Black, Gold Gilding Wax, Alice Transfer, Harlequin Stencil and Satin Top Coat as well as all the same techniques. The products are all listed in the SHOP section at the end of the blog..... and it is clickable! This means you can shop directly from my page to gather your supplies!

Can't find a match?

What I'd like to focus on is how easy it is to create a "pair" or a "set" when the pieces are not original to each other. Paint makes that possible! Which is a darn good thing since searching for "pairs and sets" can be nearly impossible in the used/vintage/antique world! (#5 and #6....can you do a side by side of the before photo of each nightstand in their raw wood look)

Determining similarity when looking for a partner piece:

It does require you to take a few things into consideration such as size and style. Nightstand #1 was oversized with lots of curves and carvings. A traditional bedside table would not work no matter how much paint I put on it! I needed another large, bulky, curvy bedside "chest" with lot of detail and carvings. I found #2 on Facebook Market place and was VERY pleased with how well they matched. One is taller than the other.... but the overall styles (I call this style Tuscan) are so cohesive I knew the height really didn't matter. Just take the style into consideration and find something similar. If it has curves.... look for curves. If it has sharp hard lines.... look for another with sharp hard lines. Don't get caught up in things like..... "are the legs the same".... "one doesn't have feet"..... "one has drawers and one doesn't".... or "one is taller than the other". Once you paint them with intention...... they become family!

I hope you love them as much as I do! Please know that I received a few orders for other in a very similar style..... so you may see a few more coming your way before the end of this year!

Happy Painting!

XOXO, Tracey


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Whimsical Nightstand by Tracey's Fancy

Full Alice Chair Front

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