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Painted white cabinet with a surprising pop of color

I love it when I have the opportunity to dress up a piece of vintage furniture that has the word Century burned into the inside drawer. I can always count on the drawers running smoothly...the tracks still in rubbing when the cabinet doors repairs for this white ...with a fun pop of color cabinet!

This mini-buffet/server belongs to a friend of mine. She acquired it from a childhood friend's parents' estate. She loved the shape and size of the piece but wasn't really feeling the dark and heavy vibe of the piece. She wanted a white body and a dark top. Easy enough....but not really.

white painted cabinet with a pop of color by Tracey's Fancy

Crisp white is not easy (distressed shabby is much easier). Going from dark wood to a clean white finish requires extra work.

So I'll divide this process into three phases:

  1. the outside - crisp clean white

  2. the inside - a pop of color and a bit of fun

  3. the top - traditional wood grain

The Outside - crisp clean white

  1. cleaned entire piece with white lightning per instructions

  2. primed with BOSS in white (2 coats)

  3. applied WoodUBend molds (#WUB2182) to the center of both cabinet doors

  4. painted with Fluff (3 coats....making sure to sand with the sanding sponge between each coat)

white painted cabinet with a pop of color by Tracey's Fancy
  1. sprayed hardware gold and set aside to let dry

  2. dusted each mold with gold gilding wax

  3. applied Clear Top Coat Satin (2 coats)

  4. re-installed the handles to doors

The Inside - a pop of color and a bit of fun

  1. painted with one coat of Terra Cotta as a color blocker (orange is known for not having full coverage...sort of like reds and whites...this helps to block under color)

  2. painted with Florida Orange (2 coats)

  3. applied the gold leaf transfer to the insides of both cabinet doors

white painted cabinet with a pop of color by Tracey's Fancy
  1. painted gold stripes using tape and gilding wax to the small drawer

white painted cabinet with a pop of color by Tracey's Fancy
  1. applied Clear Top Coat in Satin (2 coats) to the entire inside....even over the gold transfer

  2. reinstalled the drawer pull

white painted cabinet with a pop of color by Tracey's Fancy

The Top - traditional wood grain look

  1. lightly scuffed the surface with a 220 grit sandpaper (just enough to cut the factory gloss)

  2. applied a liberal amount of No Pain Gel Stain (NPGS) in Espresso using a brush

  3. allowed to sit for about 10 minutes and then wiped back with a rag

  4. applied another liberal amount of NPGS and then used the wood graining tool pulling and rocking from back to front until the entire top surface was tooled

Love this wood grain look? Be sure to watch my tricks for faux wood HERE.

  1. allowed this to dry for 72 hours

  2. applied Gator Hide (3 coats) using the applicator pad

So as you can see.....whites require extra steps. The outside of the cabinet has seven coats applied to it in total.....2 primer....3 paint......2 top coat....that is seven times I painted just the outside.

white painted cabinet with a pop of color by Tracey's Fancy

As a business owner.....I stress this to you for the simple reason of....make sure you take into account this process...if you are quoting a piece similar to this. I charge as much to paint a simple white as I do a fully detailed piece.

If you are a homeowner....and you want this clean and classy white is NOT's just time-consuming. Make sure to allow for extra time and just enjoy the process! Visit my Painless Painting blog for more help to paint a stunning piece with only TWO products.

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See you next week!



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