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  • The Art of Poinsettia Painted Wine Bottles

The Art of Poinsettia Painted Wine Bottles


In this class, you’ll learn how to Paint a Poinsettia! But not just that…you’ll learn about blending, painting on slick surfaces, and skills that you can take forth in your other creations!

I’m so excited to lead you through this process…not just to teach you how to paint on a repurposed bottle OR how to paint a lovely poinsettia…but instead to empower you to learn the technique BEHIND this skill! You can then adapt the same technique to paint on denim, gift wrap, or a canvas! Or even try your hand at a different type of flower!

With the purchase of this course, you'll receive over TWO HOURS of instruction and a master supply list for your project.

Afterward, you'll be on cloud WINE with all of the wonderful DIY projects you'll have the skills to create!

**supplies not included**

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