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Sassy sexy hair with L'Ange hair care products

This is a WAY different type of blog for me to write....but I am so dang thrilled with the effects of these hair keep asking me here I go!

Many of you are aware of my medical condition that involves my liver....and that I am on medication for the rest of my life. This is something very personal to me, so when I decided to share this journey, it was quite daunting. But over time, I managed to get instagram followers and blog followers who were very compassionate and caring about what I was going through, so in a way, this made it a lot easier to share. It's a process, but one that I am getting through gradually. Evidently this medication causes hair loss....of which I lost well over half of my hair. I am very thankful for my regrowth....but the new hair is SO different than before. Using products like aloe vera juice for hair really helped speed up the growing process! So once it finally grew out, I cut 8 inches from off my hair...and have embraced hair products! Your hair can become damaged over time even without any underlying health issues so it's really important to take care of it. We are constantly tying it up, putting loads of heat on it and styling it how we like so it's no surprise that so many people end up with thinning or damaged hair. Some people turn to milk_shake hair repairing products as well as other products whereas some, like me, turn to the chop, and I must say I'm loving my new do!

L'Ange hair care by Tracey's Fancy

The photo below shows me with freshly washed hair and no product. If simple and straight is what you are after....this style works for you. But I am not fond of this look for myself.....and it makes me feel 12! LOL! So this is where L'Ange Hair Company steps into my life and makes the magic happen!

L'Ange hair care by Tracey's Fancy

I actually did a live video where I shared the entire styling process with L'Ange hair care products! You can watch that here if you'd like to see step-by-step how to achieve this beauty-sassy-sexy style.

I grabbed a few shots from the video to share with you the one below.

My hair below is two days post wash. I re-wet my hair and applied the heat boost to my well as sprayed a light mist of the salt+sea spray....before blow drying it.

L'Ange hair care by Tracey's Fancy

The salt+sea spray is amazing for adding texture to very fine and thin hair. It gives you that "been on the beach all day" got sand and sea in your hair...which sounds nuts but is exactly what you need to help set the upcoming curl!

L'Ange hair care by Tracey's Fancy

Once my hair is completely dry.....I give it a nice spritz of the heat shield spray. This spray offers thermal protection from both the UV rays and the heat of any of the styling tools you plan to use. This dries instantly and you can style immediately!

L'Ange hair care by Tracey's Fancy

The L'Ange Ondulè 25mm Titanium works best for my hair. I recommend this for anyone that has 1) difficult to curl hair and 2) your hair does not hold curl well. The combination of the products and this amazing styling wand.....delivers pure hair styling magic to this girl!!

L'Ange hair care by Tracey's Fancy

I really do recommend you watch the video if you'd like to see how I obtain this "on purpose" messy look! I understand it's not a look for everyone....but it feels really good to me....and I am really enjoying it!

I do want to tell you that L'Ange is offering my followers a special price on ALL of their products .....when you purchase them through MY link. I've listed all the products that I used for you you can ALSO experience the magic!

L'Ange hair care by Tracey's Fancy


L'Ange Hair Care offers many amazing products.....but the exact ones I use for MY hair are listed for you below. For a limited time L'Ange is honoring a HUGE discount on ANY products if you order using my link --> Click HERE!!

L'Ange hair care

I'd love for you to follow me on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube to see all that inspires me!! And as always, sign up to get my emails here.

See you next week!



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