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Surviving the Texas Heat: FIVE favorite must-haves

Y'all it is HOT here in Texas! I have put together a list of my FIVE favorite things for surviving this Texas Heat! So here we go...

Water! Lots and Lots of water!

I know it sounds cliche....but drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of water is exactly what you need to do every single day!

Surviving the Texas heat with Fit Fifty and Fearless: drink water

I preach this almost daily to my health and wellness group The Best You!

Every cell in your body will thank you!

My favorite water drinking TOOL (yes...I consider it a tool) is my Citrus Zinger bottle.

Surviving the Texas heat by Fit Fifty and Fearless: Citrus Zinger Water Bottle

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle

For just over $10....this bottle allows me to squeeze lemon, lime and orange juice easily into my water with a built in citrus press!

Its a genius gadget and totally made my day the first time I used it! You can order one for yourself HERE.

I meet my water requirement and more with just three bottles of citrus water a day!   If you struggle to meet your daily water minimums.....I encourage you to give this a try!

My Sunglasses!!!

Ya'll....these sunglasses get so much attention!

Surviving the Texas Heat with Fit Fifty and Fearless: Rhinestone Sunglasses

But they aren't just cute.....they really work! My eyes are super sensitive to sunlight and I cannot go without sunglasses when outdoors!

These stay put no matter what I am doing.

And I love the large amount of protection that they give my eye area and cheeks!

I only paid $10 for them at Target....and they come in black too!

If you are a glam-girl.....these are for you!

My overalls!!

I will never outgrow them! I've worn overalls my entire life....and always will!

I dress them up with wedges.....I wear them with tennis shoes....I wear them with flip flops and I rock them around the house barefooted!

I use them to paint in....I wear them as a swim suit cover up.

I own the full length ones.....capri style.....and shorts!

I honestly believe everyone looks good in overalls.

I have purchased them recently at both The Gap and Target! If you don't own a pair already.....go get yourself some!

My little slip dresses!

Let's face's hot here in Texas!

The thought of wearing tight or binding clothes....or layers of enough to make anyone crabby!

I have always been a fan of little slip dresses.

I like that you can dress them up or down easily....and they travel really well too!

They just roll right up in a suitcase without taking up any space.

I even use them as coverups sometimes!

My two most recent favorites (shown here) are from Stitch Fix...but that is another blog in itself!

My water activities!!

Listen....if you don't like being in a bathing suit....I get it.

But you really need to get over that!

It's hot girl.....and the water activities will cool you off.....and make life amazing! LOL!

I didn't like being in a bathing suit for years!!! So I understand....but I'll be honest and admit that I did the swimming thing anyway.....and I never regretted the refreshing feeling!

If you aren't into rocking a bikini.....I love Athleta for the sporty look on a curvy body!

If you need more fabric than the sporty look.....Walmart actually has some adorable plus sized bathing suits.....I know this from experience! (wink)

There is nothing in the world that will bring you more relief from the summer sun than a good swim!

I will admit....had I written this blog post just two short years ago I would have also included "a cold beer and a margarita" as a thing needed to survive the Texas heat.  I am not going to say that I don't miss them.  But I do love what life has offered me since giving up my cocktails.  No judgement here though.....if a cold beer and a margarita need to be added to this list for you.....I certainly understand!  

Please share my favorite must-haves for surviving the Texas heat pins and follow me on Pinterest!

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