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Sweet Southern Hospitality Pineapple Decor

I was recently asked to paint a pineapple on canvas for a guest room!

The request came with a story that I found so interesting that I knew I'd have to share it with you! Brief history: ~ the pineapple was discovered in 1493 on Christopher Columbus' second voyage to the Caribbean region ~ even into the late 17th century it was in sparse supply and high demand making it costly and difficult to obtain. ~ for a hostess to have one adorn her dining table showed status and rank in society ~ it was often rented for events....and sold to a more affluent buyer after the event to actually be eaten THIS IS WHERE IT GETS INTERESTING..... Somewhere along the Plantation is said...... should you visit friends on a plantation and overstay your welcome, a pineapple was placed on your bed as a gentle reminder that it was time to leave. I find this so funny!!!!  The pineapple began as a symbol of WELCOME......only to be used years later as a symbol of GET THE HECK ON OUTTA HERE!!!!  LOLOLOL! So I was asked to create piece of wall art that relayed a message to NOT OVERSTAY your welcome for a lake house guest room! This is my creation! Did  you even know that I paint custom art requests???  If you have a pineapple vision... or something else fruity or whatever, I'll paint it!

To keep going with this fun theme, I've put together a collection of pineapple decor for the home, including some whimsy things for the office! Some of these would make fantastic gifts! You don't have to live in Hawaii to appreciate pineapples!!

Around the Home

These are affiliate links for fun pineapple gifts & decor. Your purchases help support my blog - so thank you!

In the Kitchen

Keep in mind that pineapples make an excellent hostess gift!

For the Home Office

This is my favorite grouping because......COLOR explosion!!!!

Pineapple Extras

Because sometimes It's fun to just add pineapples to life

I hope you enjoyed my history of the pineapple..... - check out my Flamingo Party decor here and my crazy cactus decor here.

I almost forgot this simple little piece! Would you like to see more of my unique art designs, fancy furniture makeovers and insight into my design process?! Sign up to get my emails here.

See you next week! XOXO, Tracey

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