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Water Washed Dresser

Another lovely transformation! Wait until you see this water washed dresser...

Another French provincial dresser rescued from grandma's garage!

Another unique dresser being added to an updated and gorgeous bedroom!

Water washed dresser by Traceys Fancy

All because......PAINT!

Dixie Belle Paint to be specific....and a vision.....and the willingness to TRY!

I hope to inspire you to TRY your very own DIY!

Here is the know the look.....dated and yellowed from time....not a good look....but great potential!

I painted the entire piece LIVE and you can catch those videos here...

But for still shots....I've got quite a few for you!

After painting the entire piece in the new Dixie Belle French Linen.....I chose to enhance each inset across the front as individual framed pieces of abstract art using my water wash technique. You just need several colors of paint....a spray bottle/mister bottle and a paintbrush for each you see below. I am using (from left to right) French Linen, Antebellum Blue, Sawmill Gravy and Rusty Nail. I also used Gravel Road which is not in the photo below.

Water washed dresser by Traceys Fancy

You can see in the photo below what a difference the new paint makes to the dresser as I make my way down from framed inset to framed inset!

Water washed dresser by Traceys Fancy

I painted the hardware in Dixie Belle's Patina Paint in Bronze.

Patina Reactive Spray by Traceys Fancy

I then applied the reactive spray in both blue and green for this dramatic effect.

Water washed dresser with patina reactive spray by Traceys Fancy

The sides hold the whimsy!!! I brought in stripes to keep the piece from being too serious! The Gravel Road and Sawmill Gravy stripes snug right up to the Redesign with Prima transfer! And can we talk about the "melting stripes" technique....that was a total afterthought and I freaking love????

Water washed dresser by Traceys Fancy

Lastly.....I enhanced the Antebellum Blue paint with Peacock Decor Wax and the Rusty Nail paint with Meteor Shower Decor Wax giving it a touch of metallic sheen which really takes the look up a notch (or three)!

I sealed the entire piece with the super easy to use (and apply) Dixie Belle's Spray Wax in clear!

And that's it! I just can't stop staring...

Water washed dresser by Traceys Fancy

Oh wait......this dresser had a the form of a nightstand! I'll share that with you next week! I used a different technique for stripes that I look forward to revealing to you! Until then see my water-washed technique on another more neutral piece HERE.

Shop: Water Washed Dresser

The products listed here are what I used for this water washed dresser! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

See you next week!



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