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A Flamingo Party

We celebrated with a FLAMINGLE!!!

A what???

Yes....a FLAMINGLE! LOL! (aka: current trendy term for a party with flamingo decor)

Happy FIRST Birthday to our precious Harlow Jean!

Flamingo Party Ideas | Tracey's Fancy

I won't bore you with the sappy details of how wonderful our weekend of family gathering was.....but I will share a few projects with you!

When you are the grandma (or mother or friend or work buddy or friend of someones get it)....and you are a "crafter...painter....designer of all things FANCY" are expected to put the icing on the cake for the party decor! The pressure is high, my fancy friends...let me tell, ya!

So I went BIG!!!

I painted TWO very large signs! The party was taking place on river front property that can be viewed from the house above...and I wanted them seen easily! So I painted two large sheet of plywood (4 ft x 4 ft) that you can see below! AND as a side note....the Flamingo Sign is AVAILABLE!!!! I have NO idea how much it will cost to ship that puppy....but if you are willing to purchase it AND pay the shipping....AND you just CANNOT live without it...because it would look perfect hanging in your pool house or your daughter's room...then its YOURS! Just message me on Facebook.

I also crafted this super fun highchair banner!!! The party theme had a little FIESTA I included the cactus ribbon and other bright colors. I am so happy with how it turned out....and guess what??? It is available too!!!! Message me on Facebook to claim it.

(PS -- I know you are going to ask me about this wall paper -- which you can find HERE ... and that lovely Pink Rug ... get it here! Both are affiliate links that won't get me rich, but if you do purchase may help me paint more pink flamingoes.. )

Would you just look at our little Flamingo???

I purchased her flamingo outfit from a lovely lady on can find her here....

And that crown??? That was found at Nursery Couture...and I just added the flamingo to it! They do not offer their items online...but if you need one...and want one....just message me and I will hook you up!

And how cute is that Fiesta-themed smash cake??? That was made by her talented Aunt Ra Ra...and even tasted better than it looked...which is pretty amazing!

Flamingo Party Tracey's Fancy 2

Would you just look at that face??? She cannot wait for that yummy cupcake!!!

*****take note of the highchair banner

*****do NOT take note of the "adult beverages"....what "adult beverages"?????

But in all seriousness, if you are having a flamingle where you need to cater for adults, then there are lots of different cocktails named after flamingos which you could make. Pink gin and other pink spirits are also a good choice. The best place to buy alcohol is somewhere like this westminster liquor store, as they have almost everything you can think of for really good prices!

Flamingo Party Ideas | Tracey's Fancy

Here stands the Happy Birthday Harlow sign...that welcomed the family as they approached the house!

*** note to with glue gun in case you "ball ball" strands come loose!

Flamingo Party Ideas | Tracey's Fancy

And while I have your attention....time to Hailey and Trevor (aka mama and dada of baby). Do you not LOVE them....AND their hats??? You can find these adorable hats here....

Hailey did such a lovely job planning this baby's first birthday party! I am SOOO proud of her! And Trevor went above and beyond to make set up that day extra special! Harlow was surrounded by both sets of grandparents....all aunts and uncles...and all cousins! The FLAMINGLE was a success!

Flamingo Party Tracey's Fancy 2

So as you can see below.....Harlow Jean was quite pleased with the FLAMINGLE.....and she's already asking what her momma and I have up our sleeves for next year!!

Plan a Flamingle!

I've put together a fun collection of flamingo-inspired party decor in case you want to plan your own flamingo party... enjoy!

Would you like to see more of my fancy furniture designs and insight into my design process?! Sign up to get my blog newsletter here.

See you next week!



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Please please please share my Flamingo Party pin on Pinterest along with fun Boho decor on this board... -- and follow me @tbellion!

Flamingo Party Decor Ideas by Tracey's Fancy - Planning a Flamingle | Party Themes | First Birthday
Flamingo Party Decor Ideas by Tracey's Fancy - Planning a Flamingle | Party Themes | First Birthday
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