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A New, Glam Version of my Metallic Plank Wall

What an amazing opportunity to partner with three very successful companies to create a new version of my Metallic Wood Plank Wall! I ran on adrenaline for days with excitement over how this wall turned out!

Metallic Wood Plank Wall Tracey's Fancy 3

As many of you know....I create wood plank walls...and ship the entire wall....ready to be my client. I have done this for FOUR years!!! (Read the back story here.) I was recently asked by Hometalk to be featured as a Designer Consultant as part of a new service they are launching.....and they wanted to introduce my Metallic Wood Wall. (You can actually watch the full Hometalk video below)

* This post may contain affiliate links, I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

I recently received "happy mail" from RE*DESIGN by Prima ....and in this large goody box was the Arabesque Stencil that I fell completely in love with! I was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it! And then the HOMETALK opportunity presented itself....and that was it!

Would you just LOOK at how good this tile stencil looks on my wood planks???? And when painted with my Caviar and Cotton from Dixie Belle keeps the pattern crisp and clean! It went on with ease by using the blue sponge by DB that you see me using in the video.

Metallic Wood Plank Wall Tracey's Fancy 3

The other planks are done in a variety of paints and stains. I used the sheer VOODOO gel stains in Up in Smoke (light gray sheer stain) and Black Magic (the darkest board) for the darker planks. I really like this look as it allows the wood grain to show....which adds interest and character. I also used Modern Masters in Silver for my pure silver metallic board. The just released Dixie Belle brushes worked REALLY well with that creamy metallic paint. The synthetic bristles are this gorgeous burgundy color that feel like velvet......moving freely through the paint....and leaving no trail of brush marks behind!

Metallic Wood Plank Wall Tracey's Fancy 5

The day we filmed was likely my most enjoyable work day all year! Miram (far right) is the CFO of Hometalk.....and it was an honor to welcome her into my home. Her heart is warm....and her spirit is genuine. It was such a pleasure spending the day together. And THEN.....Emily (to my left) my hero! Emily is my VA (virtual assistant) and lives in Florida. We've met in person once before.....but to have her as a guest in my home was such a treat! She stayed almost TWELVE hours!!!! I am blessed by her heart....her brain....her work ethic.....and her PR/tech skills.....and most of all....her friendship!

Metallic Wood Plank Wall Tracey's Fancy 5

So that "adrenaline" that I mentioned earlier.....if you look real close at this photo of me laughing....I think you can actually see it radiating from my pores! I'm not sure I even slept that night! And I get to call this a J.O.B.!!!!

Thank you ALL for your comments....your support.....and for signing up to receive my emails! It means so much knowing that the time I take to document an experience.....does not go unnoticed!

DIY Metallic Wood Plank Wall

Please watch the Hometalk Live to see how I made six different planks for this shiplap wall...


If you are a DIYer, please try this yourself! I've listed the paints and products I used right here. You can also find these in my Amazon influencer list here or pick out your own colors from Dixie Belle Paint Company Theses are all affiliate links of which I could make a small commission, so thank you, thank you!

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