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A Quick Painted Chalkboard with All in One Paint

Maybe it's just me…..the owner of many mirrors….because I own a furniture painting business….and mirrors come with bedroom sets…..and no one wants them…..and I am constantly looking for ways to use "left over mirrors"…..I. Have. A. Graveyard. Of. Mirrors.!!!!!

Then this happened.

Heirloom Traditions Paint Company created an amazing new "all in one" paint….the Heritage Paint Collection!

(Disclosure: This post contains some affiliate links for your shopping convenience. All opinions and text are mine.)

Was it created for mirrors? NO! Was it created for chalkboards? NO! It was created to decrease the steps in furniture painting…and to cut down on the time investment and to add ease to the project. It's crazy good stuff…..with an amazing smooth sheen finish that offers incredible durability. AND. IT. MAKES. A. KILLER. CHALKBOARD. SURFACE….!!!

My mirrors are being resurrected one by one…..and becoming chalkboards!

Give it a try….it's a super easy DIY!!! No prep…..2 coats….and done! (this mirror literally took me 1 hour start to finish).

  1. Heritage Collection Paint

  2. small artist brush

  3. sponge brush

  4. painters tape

Begin by taping off the mirror against the frame.

The mirror was already white..but needed freshening up…so I chose Cashmere.

This Heritage Collection Paint is loaded with properties that like to settle at the bottom….and it MUST be stirred well prior to use in order for it to work its magic! Stir it….shaking it will not do the job!

Apply one coat of paint to the frame and let dry. You will notice that it dries quickly and self-levels very well! Apply the second coat and remove tape while second coat is still wet.

I chose Amalfi as the chalkboard surface color most because its my absolute favorite color….and by all means my favorite Heritage Collection Paint color…and I felt it would make an amazing chalkboard. Remember to stir! Apply one coat of paint DIRECTLY to the mirror surface. Surprised? This paint will directly adhere to glass, plastic, metal, wood, formica, ceramic, stone, cement….without the need to strip, sand or prime. I applied one coat around the edges with a small artist brush.

….and then the larger surface I applied with a sponge brush.

And you are done!

Let this cure for 48 hours…..and it's ready for your very best chalkboard art!

It's got just enough texture for the best chalkboard surface! It allows for smooth writing and shading. It erases so well with just a damp cloth and leaves little to know chalky streaky aftermath. (PS Learn how to create gorgeous chalk lettering with this book.)

You can watch my entire Hometalk Live demonstration below. It's long, but lots of good tips!

I've put together a "shop now" section for you below that will direct you to any and everything you need to transform that cast away mirror in your storage shed!


I used Heritage Collection All In One Paint by Heirloom Traditions Paint Company for this project. It is a Kentucky-based company….led by an incredible team…with an amazing paint product. They offer free shipping on all orders over $75….and when you use my coupon code FANCY at check out you will receive an additional 10% off your order. A small percentage will help keep my furniture-painting blog running, so thanks for your purchases!

If you want more all-in-one-paint projects, check out my gray entry cabinet here.

Now go make something fancy!! And sign up for more of my painting tips here.



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