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AIP-Friendly Travel Snacks

I am a fully converted WHOLE FOOD/CLEAN EATING girl! But that doesn't mean that I don't still like the occasional snack in a package that gives me that "grabbing a KitKat" at the local gas station kind of feeling. I mean....I'm human....not Super Woman! I snack several times a day....and I usually grab a piece of fruit....a handful of almonds...a smoothie....or even a small cup of coffee. However, I do find it really important to have SPECIAL snacks for specific events and feelings....LOL.....that won't derail you from all the hard work and dedication that you've committed to.

FOR EXAMPLE -a trip to the movies -a party -a road trip -a craving -in a rush It is important to check the labels of all packaged snacks that you are considering.  You want to stay within you AIP stage....because no snack is worth an accidental and unplanned reintroduction that you aren't prepared for.  It is also important to remember....that no packaged snack is as good for you as RAW save these items for occasional times and special circumstances.  Do not rely on these to fill you up or nourish your body in the way that your AIP daily plan will. I've tried many snacks.....and have enjoyed most of them.  I will admit it is nice to have so many options nowadays!  Just a short while back the selections were still very limited.  The need for AIP compliant foods is finally being recognized which is very exciting since this is no doubt a way of life for many of us!

I've listed here my SEVEN favorite snacks to date:Natural Delights Date Rolls (coconut, almond and pumpkin spice)*** Paleo Angel Balls (my fave are the Orange Cranberry) That's It Bar (my fave is apple/blueberry) Cacao Bliss (on everything...LOL!  ok....on apples and banana slices...and even on dried mangos!) Bare Apple Chips (especially the cinnamon ones) Terra Plantain Chips (sea salt...I don't like the sweet version) Lara Bar (Cherry Pie)*** ***contain almonds which are a successful reintroduction for me Remember.....I am never without a ziplock bag of almonds and/or a fresh apple, carrot or banana in my they are my go-to snacks.  However I completely can relate to the desire to just tear into a package and enjoy something yummy.  So give these snacks a try if you haven't already!  And if you have discovered a favorite AIP computable snack I would love to hear about it! XOXO, Tracey

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