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Antique Sewing Box

I wish my grandmother could see this little sewing/knitting box! This one is not really my grandmothers..... but I remember she had one very similar to it.... and I wonder what happened to it? I know she would love it.... and she'd ask me to paint hers too!

This particular antique sewing box was actually purchased by my friend Leah at a thrift store..... and brought to the Pinner's conference in Indiana for me to demonstrate painting techniques on. It was dark brown and lacking in detail! The shape really drew me in.... the pitched lids and the spindled legs.... were just begging to be accentuated!

I painted the piece in BOSS white. This always helps me to "see" where I want to go with the design. There is something about putting a base coat on it... whether it be a color or a primer..... that usually allows me to see beyond the dark wood. The colors for this piece were actually inspired by a phone case carried by a woman that was watching us paint in the booth! LOL! Inspiration comes from everywhere! I decided on Aubergine (deep purple), Amethyst (purple) and Tea Rose (dusty pink). But first..... I chose the WoodUBend mold #2157 as the central focal point and applied it front and center using wood glue and a little heat. As soon as it was in place I moved forward with the paint and began laying down my mid tone purple.

Unfortunately, I did not get many photos of the actual blending of the colors...... but I did apply the deepest tone Aubergine to the lower parts of the legs and slowly blended up into the mid-tone Amethyst. I then added a bit of Tea Rose to the upper sides of the cabinet to serve as a highlight above the mold. Using water and my Best Dang Wax brush..... I worked the colors together until all transitions were smooth. You can see this transition of color in the photo below.

I used the harlequin stencil by Dixie Belle to add a bit of whimsy to the sides of the sewing box. I painted the harlequin pattern with WAX! Yep! I used the Gilding Wax in gold! It works beautifully with stencils and you don't have to worry about bleeding under your stencil at all!

Adding black and white stripes to the sewing box.... was ALWAYS in the plan! I knew those sloped lids would stripe beautifully! As always.... I used my favorite white/black combo.... Fluff and Caviar! I LOVE the way the purple plays against the black and white. It's so playful!

And lastly...... a little black wax (used only around the mold) and MORE GOLD which I added to the legs and completely covered the mold in it!

Just look at those stripes! Don't they get your attention? My grandmother would have LOVED this sewing box! We actually gave this box away from a random drawing at the conference! The sweet lady was so shocked and happy about winning that she cried! Totally made my week! I really hope I come across one of these sewing boxes again..... I'd like to paint one for myself!

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