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Bear wall mural creates a cozy nursery space

Just a bear and the moon. I had the pleasure of creating this very simple bear wall mural recently for a cozy and dreamy boy nursery that is not yet complete.

I tried to wait for the final photos to share the entire room.....but you know I'm not good at holding here's the wall...which is my favorite part anyway!

bear wall mural by Traceys Fancy

My client shared an inspiration photo from Pinterest. I simply tweaked the design to fit her space.

When drawing a mural out on a dark wall....a piece of white chalk works so much better than a pencil! You can see your lines well....and it just wipes right off! You can still see the chalk drawing down by the bear's foot in this photo.

bear wall mural by Traceys Fancy

The bear was really easy to both draw and paint. I used my Dixie Belle Paints for the entire painting. I used Chocolate and Gravel Road with hints of Fluff on the big guy...and that is it! There is no need to seal the will fully cure within 30 days and needs no topcoat! I finished him in less than 40 minutes!

Look at these kiddos next to the bear! They LOVE him!!

Now for the moon! I didn't necessarily want a perfect circle....but I did want something close. I tend to be very resourceful when crafting....often using household objects to create! I fully intended on using a pizza stone or a large cake plate carrier...but right there in the room was this infant seat cushion in the perfect shape! So there you go......a moon!

I used Dixie Belle's Fluff for the overall moon color and Gravel Road for depth and shading. I used a pounding motion with my brush to give the overall spotty and rocky effect that the moon has.

I love the final look!! It almost looks luminescent!

bear wall mural by Traceys Fancy

The stars were so easy! I folded a piece of paper in half and drew half of a star....and then made the cuts. I opened the folded paper and voila.....a full and balanced star! I then traced the stars onto the wall and filled them in with paint. Again...using Dixie Belle's Fluff and the Liquid Leaf Gold for its ultra-reflective qualities on small projects.

The dresser was actually painted by the momma....not me! She had originally painted the dresser in the red and white that you see below....several years ago for her older son. She really did not need to sand it down....but she did anyway.....which gave it an ultra-fresh start for the new gray color.

And here is your final look.....a peek into this precious space!

The bear stands proudly holding his moon kite which floats softly over the newly painted dresser!

The furniture is still without hardware.....but it will be done in gold....and the dresser is painted in Dixie Belle's Manatee Gray and topped with Clear Coat Satin. She did a fabulous job!

bear wall mural by Traceys Fancy

Stay tuned for final room photos soon....the momma has promised! But MY done!

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Shop: Bear Wall Mural

The products listed here are what I used for this bear wall mural! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

See you next week!



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