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Bold Boho Cactus wall mural for my newest fancy grand

Well.......our family is growing! We are expecting a new little granddaughter in May....Miss Kambree Mae Johnson and we couldn't be more excited! While the room is not ready for sharing just yet....the bold boho cactus wall mural is!! So let's take a look and I'll share with you via photos its progression!

Just look at this wall mural....painted with Dixie Belle Paint! It is layer upon layer of unexpected color setting the perfect vibe for this planned boho inspired baby room!

My son and daughter-in-law pre-painted the room in this lovely shade of lavender (Orchid Lane by Glidden in eggshell) to serve as a soft backdrop for the cacti (so weird to use the word cacti....LOL).

bold boho cactus wall mural by Traceys Fancy

I drew each cactus onto the wall using a sharpie marker. I did not use a projector or a pattern or a! I just went full free form and it was so simple this way! I always say...don't make it harder than it needs to be!

bold boho cactus wall mural by Traceys Fancy

I began by filling in each cactus leaf with the darker colors first...and layering to the lightest of colors last. I used Dixie Belle Chalk Paints ... as you know they are my go-to for all DIY painting projects. They are NOT just for furniture painting!

Below you can see the deep navy ( a mix of In the Navy and Cobalt) and purple (Amethyst). I filled in about 50% of the majority of the leaves with this combo as you can see below.

I then returned to each of those same leaves and added the greens. I used a light pale green first (Farmhouse Green)....and then very freely swiped on a bit of bold green (Tree Frog Green) and turquoise (Pure Ocean).

You can see below how the cactus begins to look more like a cactus once the greens are added and less like the balloons (as big sister-to-be Kinsey called them) on the right.

bold boho cactus wall mural by Traceys Fancy

You can see my little helper, Kinsey, below. She watched me paint all day....and just before bed she asked to help! So I let her help me paint a few of the remaining unpainted cactus leaves. Isn't she precious???

bold boho cactus wall mural by Traceys Fancy

Every unpainted leaf....that you see below....I filled in completely with Farmhouse Green (the lightest green).

bold boho cactus wall mural by Traceys Fancy

You can see in the picture below...that I highlighted each light green leaf with a magenta (Plum Crazy) and white (Fluff).

And lastly....I added these cactus blossoms randomly throughout the design. I filled in the tiny unopened blossom with the magenta color (Plum Crazy) and then colored in the actual blossom with two pinks (Peony and Soft Pink). I shadowed the base of the blossom with Amethyst.

bold boho cactus wall mural by Traceys Fancy

I couldn't be happier with the final bold boho cactus wall mural!!! And what is most that my son and daughter-in-law (Blake and Elyse) love it as much as I do!!!

If you love the look of this nursery, check out my other grand babies' nurseries....see Harlow’s nursery here and Kinsey’s nursery here. These rooms are equally unique and precious as the little girls that call them their own.

I'll be back to share more of this Bold Boho Nursery once it is ready! It won't be long! So sign up for my weekly newsletter here or follow me on Instagram here to see the finished nursery!!

bold boho cactus wall mural by Traceys Fancy

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The products listed here are what I used to create this eye-catching bold boho cactus wall mural! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

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