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Butterfly Bombe Chest with Textured Elegance

Pastels are not really my thing.....nor are butterflies....but they fell smack out of my soul this week as if I needed a good dose of both!

Butterfly Bombe Chest by Traceys Fancy

I stay you must know since you follow my weekly projects here. But this week was unusually the most positive of positive ways....but my team and I were chasing our tails!

Butterfly Bombe Chest by Traceys Fancy

I had committed to a Facebook Live with Dixie Belle Paint and Redesign with Prima....using their products cohesively on a single project. I am being completely honest when I admit to you that just one hour before going LIVE....I still couldn't decide what I was going to demonstrate!!! That has NEVER happened to me!

Here's an edited 9-minute video teaching the process...don't miss it!

And if you want the longer is that Facebook LIVE for you to check out...

This little bombe chest was in my shop and already painted in neutrals. I just wasn't feeling it and had pushed it aside days before. I looked through my stash of Redesign Furniture Transfers and came across this gorgeous butterfly print.

Butterfly Bombe Chest by Traceys Fancy

I had this idea of allowing the butterflies to peek from underneath the already textured look I had on the dresser. You can learn this texture technique here.

I pulled a few colors from my Dixie Belle paint shelves.....hurriedly applied a single coat of Apricot over the entire chest.....with just moments to spare before my LIVE video. THAT is the beauty of working with a quality chalk paint! It dries quickly and allows you to create layer upon layer with no cure time needed as you create!

Butterfly Bombe Chest by Traceys Fancy

I applied the Monarch Grace Butterfly before I began adding all the colorful and drippy layers. I was worried how the transfer would hold up to my paint and spray technique....fearful that the large amount of water used would cause it to lift or peel.

Not only did it hold stole the show!

I am so deeply moved by this butterfly bombe chest. It came to me unplanned.....without a vision......and very suddenly. Its as if it has been inside me just waiting for the opportunity to show itself!

It brings me a feeling of peace when I look at it.....peace and satisfaction. Which is the perfect ending to an amazing week!

I have this same technique in a very different color palate. You can see my textured grunge chest HERE.

Butterfly Bombe Chest by Traceys Fancy


The products listed here are what I used for this butterfly bombe chest! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

See you next week!



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