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Crazy About Cactus

While I'm in Mexico it only seemed appropriate to share my crazy collection of cactus decor with you! I honestly never imagined I would fall victim to this cactus trend.....BUT I HAVE!!! Why on Earth are they so appealing??? They have taken on human characteristics!! I now visualize them as little humans.....and they come in all shapes and sizes and have personalities! What has happened to me??

So now I'm painting cactus! And adding sunglasses and phrases and decorating pots (upcoming blog post.....don't miss it!)....and putting polka dots in skies....oh my!

I have decided to share my crazy infatuation with you!

Crazy About Cactus Decor | Tracey's Fancy

My crazy cactus decor collection.....

I've gathered my favorite cactus finds right here for you! A few of them are my very own hand-painted art....and others ARE affiliate links. This means I receive a small, rather tiny kickback when you purchase using my link.....but it does not cost you any extra to do so....and I thank you!

So go ahead and try to ignore those cactus sandals and the black and white shower curtain!

You're welcome!


If you're crazy about my black and white stripes featured on my cactus art, you can paint them too!!

I hope you enjoyed this Crazy Cactus stuff.

Black and White Cactus Decor + DIY Succulent Garden by Tracey's Fancy

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See you next week!



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Please please please share my crazy about cactus decor and cactus cable art spool pin on Pinterest!

Funky & Fun! I'm Crazy about Cactus Decor - Hand-painted Cactus Art & Cactus Home Decor & Cactus Clothing - Gift Ideas - Tracey's Fancy
Funky Cactus Spool Art Handpainted by Tracey's Fancy | Upcycled Cable Spool Art | Black and White and Whimsical Decor | Nursery Decor Ideas | Nursery Art |
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