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Decorative Wall Shutters - Repurposing Furniture Doors

Hello fancies!!! Where are my "save the scraps and rehab them into something super cool" friends????

This post is for you!!!

****BACK STORY****

About three years ago I had a client who ordered a large french armoire for her master bedroom entertainment center. Large as in FOUR doors an entire wall size center....AND....she didn't want the doors!!!!

WHAT??? They were sooooo pretty!!! So I removed the doors and just could NOT toss them! I don't keep much hanging around. Clutter makes my heart beat fast and causes severe I throw out more than I probably should. But I saved these doors....and have just been waiting for a project to use them!


So just the other day I was sitting at my desk in my office looking toward the dining room.....and noticed how boring the wall was that has the cut out opening. I didn't want to add pictures or art on either side as I have a gallery wall already....and knew it was enough. I'd considered barn doors...but it just didn't go with the vibe I have going on in here....and I don't really need doors! AND it just hit me!!! THOSE FRENCH DOORS!!!! I could flank them on both sides!!!

(This post may contain affiliate links for your shopping convenience. I will make a commission off these Amazon links at no charge to you. Trust me, I'm not getting rich, but if you purchase anything it does help my blog a little - so thank you!)

Well how convenient that my son Brody (aka Mr. Fix it) was in town! I mentioned it to him...and within minutes we were in full swing of the SUPER easy SUPER fast revamp!!! You can see below the doors in their "before" state. I knew we would need to cut off the curved top of one door....and make them appear as one tall french "shutter". So that is what we did!

And here is the outcome!!! It really was almost that fast!!!

We measured....trimmed....glued....screwed....clamped.....painted.....and hung! That was pretty much it!

Also....would you take note how huge this guy is??? He makes that opening look small...and it's NOT! This poor kid hits his head on chandeliers and hanging holiday decor all the time!!!! He takes up the entire doorway!!! He's 6'4" and 250 lbs of HEART...let me tell you!!!

I really love the way it looks! It added the perfect touch to a very boring wall! Just a touch of black and gold...and a touch of FANCY.

The gray that is on the walls is Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray. And for a full description of my Harlequin wall in the dining here with that gorgeous RugsUSA

Now I sit at my desk and get this view from the corner of my eye...and I love it! It feels sort of worldly to me...LOL! Like a french cottage's so crazy how something so small can change the vibe!

(PS- because I know you will ask, my gorgeous rug in my dining room is the Sunny Wildflower Medallion rug from RugsUSA, which you can get HERE.)

And speaking of adorable is this globe that a group of my girlfriends painted for me. It's the bible verse "You are here to be a light, bringing out the God-colors in the world" ~Matthew 5:14. It means so much to me...and what a great DIY gift for someone!

I am thrilled that I listened to my heart and saved these doors! I have always loved using items in an unexpected way...

This space is slowly coming together. I know... I need drapes on that window... there are actually TWO fiberglass windows. I plan to have plantation shutters I am waiting for those before I decide on drapes. But first, I need to get the gutters fixed outside so it doesn't leak persistently all on the paint and ruin them. I have been recommended to contact someone like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Greensboro area, but they're not so local so I'll have to look elsewhere to help fix the issue - so I am open to suggestions!! My friend who lives in England has told me about a company called West Pier Shutters who offer a range of different window shutters. Hers look really good too! As I don't live there, I will have to find a company over here who provide similar types of designs.

I used a paint by Finish All called Cinder. It is an all-in-one paint that requires zero prep or sealer...and it's is the same paint I used on my dining room table. It's extremely durable and offers a great low luster finish!

I sprayed the hardware with my favorite "go-to" gold foil spray.

And lastly....take note of the stack of Reloved magazines on my desk!!! I have a project featured at least once in each edition. It was such an honor to be asked.....and I keep them there to see daily to remind myself that hard work DOES pay off....even when you are "just a painter"...LOL!

So the moral of the story is....if something speaks to you with its shape or style or simplicity or fanciness.....don't toss it! Hang onto it....and know that it has the possibility to bring you great joy in another form someday!


Here's a few of the paint products I used for your shopping ease! I also found you two globes in case you want to paint! You can see my entire list of fave products here on my Amazon influencer list. Thanks!

Gallery Office Art

Can we also take a moment to love on the gallery wall in my office???

This wall sits to the right of my desk....and is actually visible through a large window as people approach our front door.

With the exception of the floral is my favorite wall in the house!

The photo graph of the little girl is my daughter Zadie and the oil painting to the right is her great-grandmother Zaidee....whom she was named after! Isn't that special?

I did not purchase anything for this wall....they were all collected over the years...or given to me as a gift....and every single item has sentimental value!

I took the gallery all the way to the baseboards.....which you don't see often.....and I really like it!

I chose to keep the wall more neutral with black/white and it wouldn't compete with the busy floral mural......and I think they are very pleasing to the eye as a pair!

Every single person that visits our home....comes to stand before this if it calls them by name...LOL!

I'll call that a success!

Do you have a gallery wall in your home?

I'm a firm believer in "do what feels right to you"! There are no rules with a gallery wall! Just be free with it......and enjoy the process of creating it!

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See you next week!



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