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Distressed harlequin side table from family heirloom

Ok! That's it! Give me all the side tables!!

I don't paint small things very often....but when I do....can they all be this charming please???

I just finished this yesterday and today I have decided to do another!!

I'm keeping this one!!

Distressed harlequin side table by Traceys Fancy

I forgot to take a photo of my little side table before I painted it! So I found this photo online and it's VERY similar in shape. I really love the look of the wood....but it is just TOO much brown for me.

Distressed harlequin side table

The table belonged to my dad....and I always hesitate to paint things that once belonged to family members. But this table has been in my garage for years now....and I really wanted to bring it inside to enjoy.

So I just put all guilt aside, grabbed my Dixie Belle Paint and went for it! You can watch me paint this table LIVE in this video below. I give all sorts of cleaning and prep tips....along with focusing on the overall harlequin design.

I chose to use only two colors, Fluff and Caviar and keep the table fairly neutral. I also knew I wanted an aged and worn I only used one coat of each color...which means this project was done in a flash!!! You can see in the photo below that I decided to paint the harlequin pattern on both the top surface and the smaller lower surface. That was not my original plan...but it looked unfinished otherwise. Now......I think its just perfect!!!!

Distressed harlequin side table by Traceys Fancy

I LOVE the spindle legs on this table....and I never considered painting them. I chose to leave them completely raw...which I feel really accentuates the wood peaking through the paint finish. I used my electric sander to really break up the painted finish. It took maybe 2 minutes max to distress this piece! And it completely changed its look!

Distressed harlequin side table by Traceys Fancy

I couldn't be happier with the final finish on my distressed harlequin side table! And I think my dad would be really happy with it too! This neutral finish will work easily in any room in my home! Which is important since I have a reputation for moving things around a lot!

So now I'm off to paint that little round table that belonged to my grandmother....aka Momo! Unless something changes between now and in five minutes when I get my hands on will have this exact look....but it's round! So stay tuned!

Can't get enough harlequin?? Consider taking my 3+ hour Stripes and Harlequin Tutorial for more in depth instruction...

Shop for this Side Table

The products listed here are what I used for this distressed harlequin side table! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

Fluff DBP

Caviar chalk paint

BOSS Primer Clear

Easy Peasy Spray Wax

Dixie Belle Paint Brushes

Ryobi Electric Sander

See you next week!



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Distressed harlequin side table by Traceys Fancy
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