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DIY Woodland Nursery Art


So when I debuted Collin's nursery design last week, you knew a follow-up "how to blog" was coming for the feature woodland art I created for above his dresser. I really do believe it is the piece that ties the entire space together! And it was so easy... Let me show you the how.

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DIY Woodland Nursery Art by Tracey's Fancy

You can buy any sized, already-framed art Hobby Lobby. We got a piece of art that was very, very large and was on sale for 50% off. You can also get a framed cork board because those are super lightweight or a framed chalkboard. Just use anything that has a frame. You can always find a color you already like, so you don't have to paint that or you can just paint the frame like I did!

DIY Woodland Nursery Art by Tracey's Fancy

Since our frame was gray, we painted it black with Dixie Belle's Caviar and added one coat of Gator Hide. Luckily the inside of our art was already black. If you do buy a piece of framed art, you will need to paint the entire picture that was inside the framed art black (or your color choice) to cover up the art. Then we bought five bags of these wood circles ("discs") from Hobby Lobby. (If you are going to buy these online, be aware: they come in two shapes: ovals and circles. The circle ones are called "discs.")

DIY Woodland Nursery Art by Tracey's Fancy

We just started laying the discs out exactly how we wanted it. We filled the entire thing with as many pieces as we could and it took both of us just moving the pieces around like a puzzle. We used Wood Glue and lifted each piece from its place and but a pretty BIG daub of glue on the back and pushed it right back in place. We kept going until they were all glued down. It was that simple.

DIY Woodland Nursery Art by Tracey's Fancy

And you can use a wooden letter or wooden name or whatever you got! We used a large "M" and painted it in Dixie Belle's Tree Frog Green and then rubbed some black wax on it so it would match the dresser I painted. Then we wood-glued the letter to the wooden discs. You could also do smaller letters and do an entire name across if you wanted to ...

DIY Woodland Nursery Art by Tracey's Fancy

And THAT is THAT!!! ... A super simple, so stinkin' quick easy woodland nursery art! See the rest of the Woodland Nursery HERE including a wall mural that will blow you away!!

Here's a quick video

For a little fun, here Paige and I on a Facebook live showing our woodland art project

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DIY Woodland Nursery Art

If you want to DIY -- here are the products I used to make my woodland nursery art! I use and love Dixie Belle's paints. For things like wood glue and paint brushes, you can also see my entire list of recommended products on my Amazon influencer list here.

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See you next week!



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