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Elegant Whimsical Dresser

Nope! That's not it!

The dresser below may be whimsical but it is NOT elegant!

I really wanted you to see the BEFORE photo...and for a good reason!

Over the last several years the "used furniture" market has become saturated with buyers! It is NOT easy to find vintage or antique pieces such as the one below....that hasn't already been painted by someone else!

I am here to say....if you love the piece...if it speaks to you with its bone structure....and if its is structurally in good it! In most cases....with just a little prep can paint right over it with a quality chalk paint!

And I did just that!

Elegant Whimsical Dresser Traceys Fancy

* This post may contain affiliate links, I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

No one would ever guess that this gorgeous dresser below.....was once covered in bright colors and glitter paper!

And speaking of paper....I actually painted right over it! After careful inspection....I decided it was stuck to the drawer fronts so made more sense to just paint over it rather than struggling to remove it.

Elegant Whimsical Dresser Traceys Fancy

I am so pleased with the colors that I FINALLY chose. I was really torn between Savannah Mist and Manatee Gray by Dixie Belle Paint for the front of the dresser. You can watch that decision process here

I went with Savannah Mist.....and I love it! It is a gray paint....with a blue hue....which gives a silver appearance. Especially with the sheen that the Gator Hide top coat gives.

The black and white whimsical stripes around the top edge and the bottom skirt keep it from being too serious of a piece. You know I always love to add a touch of playful to every piece that I create!

Elegant Whimsical Dresser Traceys Fancy

A crisp harlequin design flanks both sides of the dresser. Again....this adds a playful flair....and a nice surprise to an otherwise very elegant and subtle finish.

I always freehand my harlequin patterns...and can be seen below as I instructed many women in my first online painting course.....Whimsical Wonderland. The course was a great success....and I look forward to July's class where I will demonstrate how to color blend and paint a checkered pattern. I would love to have you join us! (Go here to get in. You can still catch up and watch Course One if you purchase the Whimsy Bundle)

Elegant Whimsical Dresser Traceys Fancy

The photo below shows exactly how much was accomplished in the 3 hour class. I love this its shows the comparison in style and design taste. You can give the same piece of furniture to ten different people.....and you'd end up with ten different finishes no doubt!

Elegant Whimsical Dresser Traceys Fancy

I hope this project helps you to see beyond the obvious when it comes to painting furniture. As you seek out a piece for your next attention to the lines and structure of the piece. If it speaks to you....whether you have a vision or not.....take it home.....paint it.....and make it yours!


For your convenience,  you can purchase these same paint colors from Dixie Belle Paint Company and Amazon by just clicking on the products below.  I will make a commission if you use these links at no charge to you. I only recommend products that I have used and love! You can also find my Amazon Influencer list here with more of my favorite products.

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