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Fancy Planter Box

You can make anything whimsical!

Client's planter that was made whimsical and fancy by Tracey's Fancy

Did you color in coloring books when you were a child?

I did! A lot!

And I remember the distinct feeling of sheer joy as I watched the one-dimensional black and white drawing come to life with every color and layer that I chose to add to it!

That is how I feel to this very day about paint!

Each painted project seems to come to life with every color and layer added!

Just like this Fancy Planter Box!

My client brought it to me just like this in solid white. It was beautiful, just as it was with its simple and stately design.

Plain planter that was shipped to Tracey and painted with white paint

However, with just a bit of creativity and paint, it came alive with personality and dimension!  

It is truly amazing what paint can do!

I painted this in my brand new private group, Curiously Creative with Tracey, where our focus is "small projects" that are much less overwhelming than furniture!

Using DB Fluff white chalk mineral paint as a base coat for Fancy Planter Box

And because it was created in my group, I don't have a YouTube video to share with you. But I can share with you the products, tools, and a few tips that you'll need to create your own!  

The Paint

I painted this planter in a single coat of Fluff (white) by Dixie Belle paint. 

It was already white., and had been painted by someone else, so I just added a fresh coat.

Had it been the original finish, I would have given it a coat of Slick Stick before the paint.  

PRO TIP: If you want to paint your own planter and it is a plastic or resin material, I highly recommend Slick Stick first.

The Pattern:

I then used a ruler and a pencil to draw out my checkered design in the center of each side of the planter.

Sketched lines on Fancy Planter Box made with pencil and ruler

Then, I took the outer edges out at an angle to create the perspective illusion.

I love this whimsical pattern, and this planter box was the perfect shape for it! Anytime you have an outer framed area surrounding a center recessed area, this perspective look is a great option!

When my drawn lines were complete, I traced over them with a sharpie marker to set them in place.

Tracing lines with sharpie marker for illusion design on Fancy Planter Box

Drawing more lines with black sharpie on Fancy Planter Box

Completed line tracing for checker illusion pattern on Fancy Planter Box

I painted every other square with two coats of Midnight Sky (black), making sure to paint over the marker.

Painting on Midnight Sky for black part of illusion patter for Fancy Planter Box

Carefully painting edge of whimsical pattern for Fancy Planter Box whimsical illusion design

I also chose to paint the top and bottom of the planter in black as well.

Painting edge of Fancy Planter Box with black chalk mineral paint

Finished painting of Midnight Sky on planter edge

The Finish

When fully dry, I used Triple Thick Spray to give it that super high-gloss shine!  

CHECK out the final product:

Completed Fancy Planter Box project

While this blog is short, do not be fooled.

The project was not!

These detailed checked projects take a lot of patience and time, but I absolutely love doing them!

My client is thrilled with the result, and that makes me happy!

I may need to do one of these for myself!

Some whimsical inspiration for you:

Urns made whimsical by Tracey's Fancy using Chalk mineral paint from dixie belle

a plate that was painted with dixie belle paint and made to look whimsical by Tracey's Fancy

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