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Gorgeous Gator Patina Dresser

Hello my FANCY friends!

Look what I did! LOL! Totally not my "norm"…..and you won't believe how I got here!

But I won't share that saga with you today…that is another story in itself (and I have photos to prove the path was long and frightening). TODAY….I share with you my Gator Patina Dresser!!!!

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Gator Patina Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

I was able to achieve this rich multi-layered jewel-toned, blue-soaked finish so easily! I made a short video of myself (yes….in the dreaded yoga MOM pants) applying the stain so you can see just how easy it is…

The dresser top and body is painted with Dixie Belle Paint in Cobalt Blue….and then glazed with Unicorn Spit in Blue Thunder for this gorgeous layered look.

Gator Patina Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

I love the way the glaze settles into the crevices adding a natural highlight to the carved pieces.

Gator Patina Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

The drawer fronts are painted with The Gulf and glazed with Grunge Glaze to give it this natural patina look. The dark glaze catches and settles around the raised gator stencil. I have included a video of my VERY NOT professional way obtaining a raised stencil.

And then we have the grunge! The drips! You either love it or hate it…..and right now I am loving it!

Gator Patina Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

Watch this fun drip effect here….

I added my black and white trim to the piece… is my "go-to" for balance when using multiple colors and patterns…..just sort of keeps it from getting to crazy.

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Gator Patina Dresser | Tracey's Fancy

And if you are going to combine GATOR and LEOPARD… may as well add a pop-art element to the side panels right? Isn't that what you were thinking? It's unexpected….and I love the unexpected!

For the final touch….I plugged in my electric sander and just got rough with it!

I hope you are able to see the beauty in this gator patina piece that I do! I promise to share with you the VERY "disgusting=make me wanna throw up=atrocious" first attempt at this dresser on another day. I just haven't fully recovered from the experience…..I need to wait until I'm laughing….and I'm not laughing just yet!

Gator Patina Dresser | Tracey's Fancy


The products listed here are exactly what I used on this Gator & Leopard Dresser! Dixie Belle Paint Company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! You can also my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

If you would like to paint your own furniture ....but lack confidence with where to start....I offer furniture design consultation! Contact me here and we can get you started on your next project!

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See you next week!



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Pin it: Gator Patina Finish Dresser | Tracey's Fancy
Pin it: Gator Patina Finish Dresser | Tracey's Fancy
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