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Grit and Guts: finding your best self

It is my desire to inspire every woman that I come into contact with to be their best self!

( too.....but my heart is rallying for the women and girls right now)

That seems like a tall order to assign to myself.....but it really isn' comes naturally to me to see the best in others....and to help them see in themselves what I see in them! (whew...follow that?)

Grit and Guts by Fit Fifty and Fearless

So what do I preach?

What is the secret sauce to finding our best selves???

Grit and Guts!

True grit is defined as firmness of mind and unyielding courage.....woah! I LOVE that!!

We all possess this.....and some of you are rocking it! However some of you have lost it.....or turned away from it.....or maybe even never tapped into it at all!

So what does it take to find our "grit" reserve?

Grit and Guts by Fit Fifty and Fearless

It takes reflection......and time alone with your thoughts.....and opening your heart to your personal desires.....and learning to love yourself for who you are......and this can be very scary! This is where GUTS come in!

It takes GUTS to really look at yourself in the mirror and ask what it is that truly makes you happy. It may be so far from the life you are currently living that you have no clue how you'll ever fulfill that desire.

I can say this with 100% certainty.....your true happiness is matter what!

I will debunk any excuse you throw at me!

There is always a way!

You just need a plan......and a desire.....and some serious fortitude.

I could write an entire book on this subject alone...and for that reason I'm going to break this up into a four part series.....but for now.....I want to ask you the following questions to really get you thinking:

  1. Who is the happiest person you know?

  2. Can you say you are living with NO regret?

  3. What do you feel most passionate about?

  4. Do you have a clear understanding of where your life is going?

I encourage you to GIFT yourself a few minutes of quiet time to really think about these questions. If you answered them quickly....and feel good about them.....then rock on with your Bad A$$ self.....and offer a helping hand to any women around you that could use a lift!

Grit and Guts by Fit Fifty and Fearless

For those of you that struggle to answer these questions....I'd love to share my personal experiences with each subject in the weeks to hopes that you will be able to identify your own GRIT and GUTS....and use them to identify and pursue The Best You!!!

If this spoke to you (and I hope it did), you can read another blog I was inspired to write HERE.

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