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Grit & Guts II: Live with No Regrets

Grit & Guts II: No Regrets is part two of my four-part Grit & Guts: finding your best self series.

If you missed my Intro blog, you can read it HERE or Part I: be the happiest person you know can be found HERE.


Can you say you are living with no regrets?

That's a tough one isn't it?

How can you be expected to always make the best decisions at all times and feel good about every single detail of your entire life?

Well...that is my point!

You can't! (unless you have no soul....and that's an entirely different topic)

Life is hard.

No Regrets by Tracey Bellion of

And it comes with no instructions!

Actually it does come with instructions.....they are called parents.

But guess what?

Those parents received their instructions from their parents....and so on!

And who knows where those foundations came from.

Or maybe your parents offered the best instructions ever....but you rebelled. You didn't listen....and you've floundered through life ignoring those instructions.

Or maybe you don't have parents....and never did!

Or maybe you are a Christian and you've had the Bible to turn to as your guide. But you are human and the bible is difficult to understand....and you forget to refer to it.

Or maybe you pray.....but you forget to pray often or you don't listen after praying....and have made decisions on your own instead.

Or maybe you are just human!!! And you relate to a little bit of everything above! And let's just face is hard!

Well, I am no master of life skills here...I can tell you that!

I've made some pretty lousy choices in well as some epic embarrassing mistakes.

I did this with all of the above in my life.....I had parents...multiple parents actually.....a great foundation.....the Bible....and Jesus! And hello! I'm still here mistaking the day away regularly!

Don't think for even one second that I haven't suffered from regret.

But this is what I know!

I cannot and will not and do not beat myself up about it! (ok...I might shed a few tears over it)

I do not carry it into tomorrow! No Regrets.

I make right what I can.....I offer myself grace...I take responsibility whenever possible...I own my situational ignorance.....and I seek the lesson......

Tomorrow is a new day!

Every single day is a gift to YOU!

It is an opportunity to TRY this life thing again!


It is the only way to GROW!

It is the only way to HEAL!

You simply must forgive yourself for the wrongs you've made along the crooked path that has led you to where you are at this very moment! Speaking of the crooked path...check out MY path HERE (forgive yourself.....forgiving OTHERS is another lesson for another day)

This may require you to do hard things.

No Regrets by Tracey Bellion of

As in breakthrough your pride.....dang that pride....its the worst!

I can't tell you how many times I've harbored guilt in my head and heart.....for days and months and even years.....over things I was too proud to admit were either wrong or caused someone pain!

It's stifling! It's exhausting! And it's a roadblock!

So I did the "things".....I committed to confronting them as they came to me.

It required phone calls that were difficult to make.....or sit down "come to Jesus" talks with close family members. And some I just simply had to release! I acknowledged them......forgave myself.....and promised to never revisit that space in my head again!

The most important thing you can do is to ask yourself what you learned from the mistake. Even if the only thing you can take positively from it is that you SURVIVED it..... be thankful for THAT and move on! No regrets.

No Regrets by Tracey Bellion of

Regret is a thief! It will steal your joy and hold you back!

Spend the the things....shake it free.....and let's THRIVE together!

It's so much more fun when you've set yourself free!



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See you next week!



No Regrets by Tracey Bellion of
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