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How to change out hardware and cover imperfections

This post is a short and quick tutorial on how to remove hardware that required TWO screws and replace with a knob that only has ONE screw….AND how to add texture to drawer fronts (or anywhere else) when you are wanting to cover imperfections…..AND how to add a light glaze wash with PAINT!

I removed the original handles and filled the holes with this wood filler. (But this Elmer's color change wood filler is my favorite and my first choice.)

My client wanted a charcoal "wash" on this piece….right over the existing gray. I could achieve that by repainting the drawer fronts with the existing color and then "washing" it with charcoal…but she no longer had the original gray. The "wash" of color was NOT going to cover the wood filler….AND she loved the idea of adding the crocodile pattern to the fronts. So that became the plan!

I used Raven (black) by Heirloom Traditions and their amazing applicator sponge that they offer. (Use my coupon code FANCY to save 10% off your order) The key to "washing" with paint….is this sponge. I used paint in its full strength…and applied it with the damp sponge in long even swipes. You can see the finished look in the pic below with the paint can. You can not get this smooth washed look with a brush! I've tried! It's all in the sponge!

And the photo below is the perfect representation of the look…….

This alligator stencil is available from Dixie Belle Paint Company and I've used it so many times. (Please use my coupon code TRACEY if you decide to order any of their products!) You can actually watch me do this same raised stencil in a short video here.

I then mixed Venetian Texture Medium into some gray paint that I already had on hand. This powder is a Heirloom Traditions Paint product and it is amazing! I made 2 cups of the mixture and only needed 2 teaspoons of the powder to bring it to a plaster type consistency.

You simply lay the stencil onto the surface and begin spreading the plaster over the stencil like icing. You just need to make sure you hold the stencil firmly in place. Cover your surface with the mixture….lift the stencil and move it down to the next space.

This process is super fast! I was able to cover all 7 drawers in about 20 minutes. How amazing do they look below?? Even in just the natural mixture without any paint!

Here is an up-close view of the texture. Look how well the mixture covers the imperfections of the previous holes. You don't even notice them now!

I then gave a quick single coat of gray paint to cover the texture.

Look below to see one painted and textured drawer (the top drawer) and then the result (the bottom drawer) after I applied the "washed" charcoal coat to the crocodile texture! It's amazing!! The texture works so well with a glaze or a wash! It accentuates and highlights all details!

I drilled a single hole in the center of the drawer to add the knobs that my client had chosen for the new look.

This dresser is just one element to a nursery that will be revealed in another month or so. I am very anxious to share it with you! It is a room filled with color and personality! Make sure you don't miss it — all you have to do is subscribe to my weekly blog!

And for your shopping convenience you can pick up these paint products here. Thank you in advance, your purchases help me keep my fancy blog going!

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I hope this was helpful…and gives you confidence in adding interest to otherwise boring pieces! You can do it!



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How to change hardware and cover furniture imperfections | How to add a raised stencil & croc Finish | Furniture Painting Tips by Tracey's Fancy
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