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How to Create a Farmhouse Office

Farmhouse Desk by Tracey's Fancy

The first step to creating a home office is to clear plenty of space for it. If you're based in Australia take a look at short term storage options from Holloway Storage. How gorgeous is this buffet with its wooden knobs and original casters? It needed little, if any, work at all! Just a good cleaning and a little paint to lighten its look and accentuate its design elements.....and voila! Now with some booked in cleaning services from or someone else, this will make a perfect little office space!

My client wanted a farmhouse vibe for her office in a local boutique. She told me her friend got some fantastic office furniture from Office Monster however we didn't need to buy any furniture, we liked the simplistic look of this office. She requested raw and real wood...mixed with tones of white and cream. So we opted to only add paint to the insets of all the doors and drawers. I used Irish Cream for the white and sealed with Clear Gel Wax. The original wood finish was rubbed down with Hemp Oil by Heirloom Traditions Paint. It is a wonderful product that nourishes old wood bringing it back to life with richness! And that is it!

Farmhouse Office Furniture | Tracey's Fancy

The buffet was going to be used for office storage and to hold my clients' printer and copy machine. She said this was ample storage because she uses a document storage software to keep all of her files safe. If this sounds a bit alien to you (it certainly did to me) then there is a pretty good explanation on This saves her having to print them and store them, which is pretty clever. She was pairing this gorgeous piece with the desk that I painted for her below.

Farmhouse Office Furniture | Tracey's Fancy

I used the same Irish Cream on the top surface and the legs and skirting of this desk. I left the edge of the desk raw at her request. I then heavily really heavily......scuffing every edge and literally grinding the chalk type paint down into the wood grain of the desk surface. I then coated the entire painted area with the Clear Gel Wax to seal and protect.

Farmhouse Office Furniture | Tracey's Fancy

I then used 1Gel to apply sections of a coffee bean sack to the drawer fronts. This is a wonderful product that is great to use for decoupaging paper and fabric to other surfaces. Trust's worth trying! I was an avid Mod Podge user....but once I tried this product I have never switched back! I finished off the drawers with huge glass knobs to complete the rustic/glam farmhouse vibe that my client was after!

You can find used burlap coffee bean sacks online or at local flea markets.

Farmhouse Office Furniture | Tracey's Fancy


You can purchase these products in my online shop. Use my coupon code FANCY to save 10%! You'll get free shipping on orders over $75 as well.

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