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How to LOVE your FICKLE Clients

The end result of "loving" this client is the classic black and white beauty you see here. A classy dresser. However…..getting here took a little tender loving care in decision making.

We started with this….

and the client's original inspiration piece was this crazy piece that I painted years ago for another client.

Over the course of a few weeks my client's daughter decided she likes all things French….and she liked black and white and touches of blue. So the original funky piece was out the window. We have switched gears and the paint date is drawing closer. The client has sent me another picture of a black and white classy dresser that she would like me to use as inspiration. But she cannot decide if she wants to trim out the drawer fronts and/or add possible stripes to the drawers. We have a little time until take off…so we are good….

It's lift off day folks….and we still don't know. So I have offered to paint the dresser in the black and white…and we will work out the stripes/trim on the drawers after she sees it in its new clothes! She agrees….and I get busy…

I first give the body of the dresser two coats of Dixie Belle Paint in Caviar.

I then used my favorite wax, Best Dang Wax by Dixie Belle Paint, in black.

It seals and protects with one coat! And look at what it does to the chalk paint. It soaks in like a sponge and just deepens the color and gives it life!! I continue with the wax over the entire body.

I then moved on to the drawers. I knew that I needed to prime the drawers with BOSS in white. This stuff is amazing with the blockage of tannins (evil little dudes that like to appear as shades of ugly yellowish-orange and pink stains when you are painting your piece with very light-colored natural chalk type paints)!

After the BOSS primer, I coated all 9 drawers in Dixie Belle's Drop Cloth. It is a bright and classy white that pairs beautifully with Caviar. I only needed one coat of Drop Cloth since I had primed….and the primer was also white! Bonus!!!

I chose to seal the drawers with Satin Top Coat. This topcoat goes on so well….and also dries really fast. I chose to coat the drawers twice. Then I decided I should probably give the top surface a satin top coat also. This dresser will be in the room of a vibrant and sassy 8-year-old little girl…and probably needs EXTRA protection! I waited 24 hours for the wax to cure…..and this allowed the satin top coat to glide right over the waxed surface! Unbelievable!

I sprayed the hardware with a semi gloss black spray paint

And this is what I show my client. And she LOVES it! BUT……she still wants to play….lol! So we did! She asked if I could place black tape in stripes on the center drawers….which I thought was quite genius! So I whipped out my Mr. Fancy's black electrical tape

Learn all about how I paint stripes HERE....

She also wanted me to trim out a drawer in black on the curvy design. So I did….in paint…but not a big time-sucker-upper…just a quick trim…and this is where we were….

Total whimsy…right? We went from classy….to Alice in Wonderland! We left France and entered Neverland! She hated it!!! Really hated it!!! But…she still wanted to play….so we did! But this was the last time I warned…it was starting to be a big time-sucker-upper! She asked me trim the other drawer in a thin line….and this is where it took us….

So I'll admit…left drawer is WAY better than right…not as whimsical….maybe just a little flirty??? BUT WHAT DOES SHE THINK??? She hates it…..LOL! So this is where we end up…back to the classic dresser in black and white.

I gave you a little comparison photo of this classy dresser just in case you got lost along the way somewhere. So we are through playing….and she is happy….and her daughter is happy….and there is a happy little nightstand too…that I did not photograph….because we've all seen classy black and white….but I wanted to take you on this ride with me…..from fun and funky zebra/leopard/skulls… clean and classy….with a few stripes and and trims along the way. Just another day in the life of Tracey's Fancy!

I really do LOVE my clients!!!!

And I love all of you that take the time to read these posts! Please let us know if we can help you with a DIY project. Just leave a comment or email us via the contact info listed.

See you next week!



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