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Free Ultimate Furniture Painting Guide

How to Paint Black and White Patterns

Hello my color lovers!

As most of you know….I am a lover of all colors and patterns! Especially if I can put them all together on ONE PIECE of furniture! I love being bold with paint and creating eye candy out of furniture. However…..patterns and color ALL MIXED UP often needs to be "grounded" (as I call it) in order to sort of contain the chaos! I do this with BLACK and WHITE patterns! I use these colors in either stripes, harlequin or checks to offset the hot mess going on otherwise! It works every time!

Painting Black and White Patterns | Tracey's Fancy

The colors black and white are as contrasting as you can get…and the lines where they meet need to be sharp! This will make or break your design! This little ditty of a video below will give you the very basic of basics on how to keep your design clean and crisp!

Since I recorded this video, I have found a new paint line that I LOVE even more. The technique is still the same but I would highly recommend Dixie Belle Paints to create these black and white patterns to compliment any other color combination. I use Caviar and Fluff and finished off with Top Coat in Satin

Here are examples of my black and white as accents…as well as these same patterns in other colors:

Painted Blanket Chest-Tracey's Fancy-After 1_

Mini Chest Makeover-Tracey's Fancy-After_

If you are looking for a more detailed tutorial, please check out my 2 hour video where I go into much more detail and show you my entire process...

Want another painting tip? Here's how I paint my leopard pattern in a previous post.

See you next week!



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How to Paint Black and White Patterns on Furniture | Tracey's Fancy
How to Paint Black and White Patterns on Furniture | Tracey's Fancy
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