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How to Paint Bold Red Cabinets

Check out these gorgeous red cabinets! You can do this yourself!

Painted Red Cabinets | Tracey's Fancy

Painting your kitchen or bathroom cabinets is JUST NOT DIFFICULT anymore!

With the huge movement of chalk type paint….projects that used to be considered a major undertaking are now quite easy for even the most novice of DIY-ers! AND IT IS AFFORDABLE!!!!

These red cabinets were painted in ONE DAY…..start to finish but my kitchen is SMALL!

I am listing below exactly what products I used….and what steps were taken to achieve this look. All products are linked for your convenience with Amazon affiliate links, I will make a small commission at no charge to you.

This project was done long before I began blogging… so there are no progress photos to share.

Painted Red Cabinets | Tracey's Fancy

I did remove all cabinet doors and hinges. Be SURE you mark where each door goes and what hinges belong to that door! I also replace old hardware with new. I filled the old holes with wood putty and drilled new holes for the replacement hardware.

For these bold red cabinets I used Red Barn Chalk Paint by Dixie Belle.

Look at that gorgeous red! Such a bold bright cabinet color. LOVE IT! Red cabinets are the way to go.

*important side note: I did not prime these cabinets in anyway as they had been primed and painted before I began this process. If you are painting over a stained wood I highly recommend using Boss Primer in Gray to block any bleed through that often does not show up until you apply your last step of the entire process…and can be such a buzz kill!

Painted Red Cabinets | Tracey's Fancy

Step-by-Step instructions for painting Bold Red Cabinets:

  1. thoroughly clean your cabinets with a white lightening.

  2. apply primer Dixie Belle's Boss in Gray or shellac at this point if needed. (see side note above)

  3. apply first coat of paint in Barn Red…. let dry.

  4. apply second coat of paint…. let dry.

  5. lightly distress all edges to expose underlayer.

  6. apply one coat of Satin top coat and let dry….I let this cure for several hours (I often choose to apply sealer BEFORE the gel wax as it allows more play time with the gel wax by sealing over the very porous chalk type paint).

  7. liberally apply the Best Dang Wax in Brown with a brush….then wipe back with a slightly damp SOFT cloth…and let dry.


Painted Red Cabinets | Tracey's Fancy


These are the products I used in my own kitchen and recommend. I am not paid at all to tell you this!

DB Barn Red

DB White Lightning Cleaner

DB Best-Dang-Wax

Satin Top Coat

DB Satin Clear Coat

DB Primer in Gray

Now go give your kitchen some personality!

If you need my help changing your cabinets, I am available for consultations ... I would love to help you!

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XXOO Tracey

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Painted Red Cabinets | Tracey's Fancy
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