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How to prepare Kabocha Squash

I'm back with ANOTHER squash blog (here's my first squash blog lol) but I just can't hold back my love for this food - the kabocha squash!

And winter squash is hitting the shelves at your local let me share with you my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE squash of the year!! I serious wait all year for these babies to hit the shelves.

Kabocha Squash (aka Japanese Squash)

For a list of my top six favorite squash available throughout the year, click HERE.

Let me back up and explain something to you...

When I first began my AIP journey back in December of 2017.....I gave up baked potatoes and steak fries....which were a daily staple of mine. It was a sad elimination. And much as I love a good sweet potato....nothing could match my baked potato/steak fries love.

I lived with this loss for almost 14 months....before I was introduced to...


Holy cow and thank you longing for the russet potato vanished....just. like. that!!!!

So for any of you out there that have seen these funny squash and have no clue what to do with them.....I'm here to introduce you.....and make your life better instantly!

This is what they look like in the store! They are a winter squash and don't usually show up until late August. But by October they are in abundance! So find one....pick it up...throw it in your basket and buy that puppy!

Kabocha Squash by Tracey Bellion of

They are very difficult to cut....and it helps greatly to zap it in your microwave for 3-5 minutes prior to cutting.

Kabocha Squash by Tracey Bellion of

Now just cut it in half....with your largest and sharpest knife!  It will look like this....and you will need to scoop the seeds from the middle and toss them.  Or some of the ladies from my accountability group, The Best You, planted them this year and are growing their own this year!

Kabocha Squash by Tracey Bellion of

Now just cut the squash into large chunks like pictured below.

Kabocha Squash by Tracey Bellion of

You will need the following three ingredients: coconut oil, sea salt and cinnamon.

Melt the coconut oil in a bowl and sprinkle in a little sea salt and a LOT of you can see it turns sort of brown...but I love cinnamon!

Place all the chunks of squash into the bowl and toss them around until fully covered with the seasoned oil.

Place in a baking dish and cook at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

And that is it!!!!

You eat them skin and all!!! They are soooo delicious and have the taste and texture of a russet potato/steak fry!

My entire family LOVES them! The house smells soooo good when I cook them! But not only do they taste good and smell good.....they are good FOR YOU!

Kabocha Squash by Tracey Bellion of

A single serving of Kabocha squash provides you with 70% of your needed daily dose of Vitamin A!! 70%!! That is huge! They are also loaded with Vitamin C! They also provide you with a dose of potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, magnesium and even a little protein!

I just wanted to let you know that this pretty "green pumpkin" that you may have been using for fall also quite edible and VERY delicious! I can't believe I've gone my entire life not enjoying this veggie!!!

Your welcome!

I’d love for you to follow me on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube to get all my health and wellness tips first!! And as always, sign up to get my emails here to see more of my clean eating, healthy living and more fun tips!

See you next week!



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How to prepare kabocha qquash by Tracey Bellion of

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