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Koi Pond Side Table

Demi Lune table with Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint

This Koi Pond Side Table is a dream!

Life is full of surprises! Never in a million years did I imagine I would be painting THIS on a piece of furniture.

I'm FULLY surprised with how much I LOVE the randomness of creating with a creature I never imagined would be featured on my furniture!


Usually, I try really hard to create furniture art that evokes emotion, feelings, and conversation!!

In my opinion, this little demi-lune entry side table is quite the conversation piece!

Watch the whole process on YouTube:

Check out this week's video here.

Onto how this Koi Pond Side Table was created:

This piece is a garage sale find from just a block away from my home that I fell in love with when I saw it!

Demi lune table found close to Tracey's Fancy for Koi Pond Side Table

First, I washed it down with White Lightning, which was extremely satisfying as SO much grunge was removed. Truth be told, I believe this may have been in a smoker's home at some point based on all the dark soot that washed off!

After, I primed the entire piece with Dixie Belle's Boss in gray. I knew I'd be painting with black and white stripes, and I really didn't want any bleed-through (or nicotine oils) from the wood tannins to mess that up! Then, I applied the Boss using one of the blue applicator sponges and then stippled to add a bit of texture.

BOSS Gray used as primer onto Koi Pond Side Table

Applying BOSS Gray as primer for Koi Pond Side Table

Using Caviar black, I painted the skirt and the top of the table.  I did not paint the legs or outer edge of the top in black since I knew I'd be adding stripes there.

Painting top of Koi Pond Side Table with Caviar black

When I paint stripes I like to start with white.  So I painted the legs and outer edge of the top in Fluff white.  

Using fluff to paint edges of Koi Pond Side Table

Tidying up edges of Demi lune table with fluff

Now time for the koi!

When the skirt of the table was fully dry (I dried it with my heat gun and it was cool and dry to touch in about 30 minutes), I applied the selected fish and flowers from the Dixie Belle transfer called Balance. I chose and cut the exact fish based on their colors from the four large sheets, and applied them individually. That is what I love about transfers! You can use your favorite parts from each transfer...mix and match and build your own unique looks!

Dixie Belle Balance Transfer design sheet

With painter's tape, I taped off all four legs that had already been painted with Fluff. I used a single piece of tape as my spacer so my stripes were even! I applied Caviar black to all open spaces and immediately removed the tape to reveal the stripes.

Using painter's tape to start making stripes on Koi Pond Side Table project

Using painters tape to measure stripe sections on Koi Pond Side Table

Extra strip of tape being removed to help with stripe pattern on Koi Pond Side Table

Painting on stripes with DB Caviar black paint onto Koi Pond Side Table
Painting stripes onto Koi Pond Side Table legs with DB chalk mineral paint in Caviar and Fluff

My tips for perfect stripes WITHOUT using the burnishing technique:

1. Use as little paint as possible on your brush (better to do two thin dry-brushed layers)

2. Make sure to de-tack your tape before pressing it onto your furniture (I stick mine to my shirt and remove it then place it on furniture).

OH, the tabletop!

This was my favorite part of the Koi Pond Side Table!!!!

I was going for a water vibe and may have gotten more of an earth vibe, but I still love how it turned out!

Using the stipple motion and round brushes, I applied four colors of blue:

using stippling method to add colors to Koi Pond Side Table

Applying pure ocean to Koi Pond Side Table

Applying mermaid tail to side table
Blending in paints on Koi Pond Side Table

These were applied randomly with no pattern in mind. I kept my paint damp by misting it with water. Also, don't mind me juggling multiple brushes. I wanted everything to be readily accessible for me to get it just right!  

Using DB CMP in mermaid tail, pure ocean, peacock, and the gulf to create ocean look for Koi Pond Side Table

Water effect coming together after painting and blending on surface of Koi Pond Side Table

Tracey holding various paint brushes with different colors on them

Showing paint blending on surface of demi lune Koi Pond Side Table

Using the Best Dang Brush to blend the color edges into each other gave it a really dreamy look.  

Blending paints with best dang brush and chalk mineral paint

I even used my mop brush to do the final fuzzy blend at the very end.  

I love how the Caviar Black peeks through the blues giving it a deep ocean/earthy vibe!

aerial view of Koi Pond Side Table with stripes and blended paint

That was exactly my plan!!

To add to this just a bit, I applied a single coat of Top Coat in Satin as a prep for a final layer of Best Dang Wax Black! Painting the top coat first and letting it dry, allows you to apply dark wax and then remove any dark wax that feels like too much!

Using Best Dang Wax in black to give aged look to Koi Pond Side Table

Best dang wax application to table
Using baby wipes to remove best dang wax from Koi Pond Side Table

Basically, apply the top coat and let it dry. Apply the dark wax heavily and wipe off with a baby wipe until you get the desired look you are after.

Result of adding and removing best dang wax

Remember to trust the process!

I had these four rectangles above each leg that needed addressing and I really struggled with color here. At first, I considered metallic gold, but when full-on whimsy by choosing fire orange! I created this orange by using the Color Lab on the Dixie Belle page, and tweaking that recipe a bit by blending in some Honky Tone Red at the last minute! I am really happy with this choice!  

Using Florida Orange on Koi Pond Side Table

Mixing Lucky Lavender with Florida Orange to create custom color for Koi Pond Side Table

Mixing paints to create custom red orange color for side panel of Koi Pond Side Table

Painting rectangles with custom color made with DB Color Lab and mixing Honky Tonk red, Florida Orange, and Lucky Lavender

Applying finishing paint to Koi Pond Side Table

Finally, I am able to paint that outer table edge in white, and, using the same taping technique that I used on the legs, I striped that outer edge!

Measuring side stripes on Koi Pond Side Table

black stripes on edge of Koi Pond Side Table

Removing painters tape to show clean lines of side stripes

Showing clean lines of stripes after painters tape removal

It's the finishing chef's kiss if you ask me!

A TINY addition of Gold Gilding Wax below each fiery orange rectangle and this piece is ALMOST done!

Two coats of Gator Hide to protect the top as all table tops deserve a good protector.

Using DB Gilding wax to add texture to Koi Pond Side Table

Applying gilding wax in gold by hand to show embellishment on Koi Pond Side Table

Satin Top Coat was used to seal the transfers and the rest of this table!

And voila!

Final display of Koi Pond Side Table by Tracey's Fancy using DB Chalk mineral paint

I am hoping this piece finds a home full of really fun people. Maybe in a lake house or a beach house!

I can see it being the entryway piece. Ready to greet the guest and hold all the keys?

Would you consider using this koi transfer called Balance?

I dare you! LOL!

I have a feeling you will love it too!

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