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Master Bedroom Dressing Room Reveal

Well, this is certainly a blog I never imagined I'd be its certainly a project I never dreamed we would do!!!

I mean.....I'm not "extra" or "fancy" in the clothes or shoes department....and Matt certainly isn't either! But the need (or maybe I should say "the dream") for extra space when getting ready everyday without bumping into each other and digging around in the dark in THREE over-crowded small closet spaces....sparked an idea in me that wouldn't quit!

So we've entered "extra" and "fancy"....and I'm SO okay with it!

Let me show you!

So the picture above is the view from one side of my room looking into our now "dressing room"! And yes....I stood on top of my nightstand in the corner of the room to get that photo angle! But would you just LOOK at the space???'s open to our room....but only because the project is not complete. We plan to build white barn/style sliding doors that will allow us to close it off for privacy if needed. I actually love looking into the space so I will most likely keep them open most of the time!

Let me share a few before photos with you!

Below left is how the space looked prior to new paint and carpet. You can see that it was originally our 4th bedroom....that we opened up to the master probably 13 years ago. We did this to allow us a sitting area, a place for our large dresser and to allow us access to two closets on the far wall.

Below right is a photo showing the new gray paint color but still without carpet! We used Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray...and have through most of our home.

The next photo shows the room with both paint AND carpet. You can also see one of the two closets on the far wall....that were used by Matt only. My very small closet was a space off of the master bathroom. So THREE small closets were being used....and then we had this ginormous space that had a single chair and a dresser sitting in it...and it just made ZERO sense to me!

SO......I proposed to Matt that we convert it to a dressing room that we could use together! His first reaction was short of calling me a NUT! But after he rolled it around in his head for a few days.....he decided I was on to something. So for Christmas....he completely surprised me with a prefab closet system that he chose ON HIS OWN from Wayfair!! I was shocked!! The photo below shows the wall it would be used on!

The Wayfair cabinets are linked for you in the shop section below! This is not a sponsored post so I can be completely honest with you! I love them!!! The arrived quickly....well packaged....undamaged.....and were actually FUN to put together!

And here is the final product...after just an hour of assembly!

You will notice the door in the far corner. We have semi-permanently closed this door by adding a lock. We have another door that is the entry to our room. We chose not to sheet-rock the door permanently just in case we decide to sell at any point...we'd like the option to make this to be a fourth bedroom easily. I also knew that we would be adding double hanging rods from the cabinet to the wall that would basically cover the look of the door anyway!

We removed the doors from the two small closets....and painted the inside of the closets in Behr Limousine Leather. One is now mine...and one is Matt's.

As for Matts side of the is still incomplete. We did order two of the stacked units with drawers/shelf combo. We placed these on each side of the window. Matt has fought me for weeks that he is fine with one closet for hanging clothes...but based on the photo below you can see it is tight. So he has finally agreed to hang a rod from tower to tower...that will cover the window and hang above his shoe storage for more hanging space. We don't need that window to be pretty! I am completely ok with covering it and using the filtered light coming into the space. I DO love the idea of him having more hanging space though....and he will still have the shoe bench to sit on and put his shoes on easily. Can I just say here....that the floor of those two tiny closets used to be covered with his shoes and piles and disarray! It gave my organized soul severe anxiety when I opened those doors! And look at it now!!! It's truly a miracle!!! LOLOL!

So there you have it! Our super fancy space that has made all the difference in putting laundry away....packing and unpacking from our winter trip.....getting ready in the mornings in harmony.....and my husband keeping his space tidy!!! I feel like a little girl playing princess with her dress up cart! LOL! Speaking of....I make those too! You can be inspired to create that for the princess in your life right here! But this is real life...and I"m not a pricess....just a woman who wanted to make the best use out of extra square footage that seemed to be wasting away!

As I sit here and write this blog....I asked Matt if he was happy with our decision to convert the room....and without hesitation he said YES! He still hesitates about the rod in front of the window..but he has agreed anyway! LOL!

I'll update you when we do that. And I will also blog about the barn door project when it happens! I'm super excited about that because the back side of those doors will house a full length mirror AND my jewelry WOOT WOOT! Lets get that job going!


The products listed here are what I used for this project! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

If you would like to redesign a room in your home ....but aren't sure where to start....I offer room design consultations!  Contact me here and we can get you started!!

Thanks for hanging in there ....this was a long read....but I had a lot to say!

Master Bedroom Walk-in Closet Makeover by Tracey's Fancy #closetmakeover #walkincloset
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