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Meet Kathy L.

Kathy has been a member of The Best You for over 250 days. She was inspired to join the group after hearing Tracey's story and relating to everything she was saying! After years of nagging symptoms and a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Kathy started her AIP journey on her own but she ultimately joined The Best You for the support and encouragement that the group provides. Now, 250+ days later, Kathy is feeling the best she has ever felt with no joint pain, better sleep, and anxiety name a few. Continue reading to hear Kathy's full story...

Where do you live (city/state)? Ticonderoga, NY

What is your WHY for joining The Best You and eating AIP? Do you have a specific diagnosis? Plain and simple I wanted to feel better after YEARS of nagging symptoms - thinning hair, feeling cold, anxious, tired, joint pain, palpitations, and the list goes on.

In 2017 I finally got a diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. For years, I suspected I had an issue with my thyroid based on my symptoms and a family history of hypothyroidism but my TSH always came back normal. Searching for answers I read about elevated thyroid antibodies and requested to have mine checked. To my doctor's surprise (not mine) my antibodies were elevated. I was referred to an endocrinologist who essentially told me that there is no treatment until my thyroid burns out. This was absolutely not acceptable! I started researching and reading all I could about Hashimoto’s. I refused to feel lousy while my body was attacking my thyroid.

I read about leaky gut and the benefits from the AIP diet but was not sure I could make the commitment. No daily cocktail, no crusty bread, no cheese, etc. A big part of my social life centered around food and drink. I made up my mind to give up gluten first and could not believe the improvement in my joint pain. After three months, I eliminated alcohol, dairy, and sugar. I continued to feel better. The Best You was just the push and support I needed to go all the way.

How did you learn about The Best You? Last March, I stumbled upon Tracey’s live for L’Ange products on Facebook. It caught my attention because I too struggled with thinning hair. She mentioned her autoimmune illness contributing to her thinning hair and this REALLY caught my attention. Everything she was saying was me! This lead me to her FB page and Fancy Food Friday lives. I was intrigued to say the least. Joining the Best You was just what I needed.

"The Best You was just the push and support I needed to go all the way."

Then one Friday morning, she said she was going to start The Best You! I knew I had to join!

When did you join The Best You? What is your #number (days AIP / age)? I joined with the May 2019 group. I had already given up gluten, sugar, alcohol, soda, and dairy ten days prior. #264/64.

Share your successes!! Weight was never an issue for me. I would fluctuate 5-10lbs but never considered myself overweight. I’ve lost 8lbs and actually don’t want to lose anymore.

My success is mostly internal - no joint pain (my elbows were so sore I slept with ice packs), no palpitations, better sleep, anxiety gone and my antibodies have been reduced by half!

"My success is mostly internal - no joint pain, no palpitations, better sleep, anxiety is gone and my antibodies have been reduced by half!"

Have you re-introduced any foods yet? If yes, what and what were the results? I re-introduced several foods successfully including almonds, nightshades, eggs and a small amount of cheese.

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in October and felt I needed to add a little dairy in addition to fortified almond milk to maintain an adequate calcium intake.

I’ve had an occasional glass of white wine. Red wine and alcohol were not tolerated.

What tricks/tips made this life easier? My tip - I really believe a lot of what we eat and drink is based on habit. I made up my mind to break those habits. Once I did I felt so much better and the rest was easy.

As for tricks...I struggled with drinking bone broth. I recently started making soup in my pressure cooker with bone broth and lots of vegetables. It’s delicious for lunch and helps me get my bone broth and veggies in.

I also struggled with the water intake after a while. I make a cup of cinnamon tea in the morning and add water to the one teabag all day. It gives it a little bit of flavor and helps to meet my goal.

"I really believe a lot of what we eat and drink is based on habit. I made up my mind to break those habits. Once I did I felt so much better and the rest was easy."

List your top AIP go-to meals... I keep my meals simple - cooking has never been my thing.

I top a big salad with a burger, steak, chicken or shrimp. A Nature’s Best rotisserie chicken has saved me many nights adding a sweet potato and veggie. I found a pressure cooker beef stew that freezes great for a quick and easy meal.

List your favorite AIP snacks... Plantain chips, fruit and the occasional piece of 70% cacao with sea salt. Also, love my daily smoothie.

How do you stay AIP compliant outside your home (work, social gatherings, traveling, etc)? I always pack a lunch for work. When we get together with friends for dinner we always have shared the meal prep so this was easy. My contribution is always AIP compliant. My friends are aware of my lifestyle change and are not offended if I bring my own food. My first lengthy vacation for 10 days is coming up. I bought a small Magic Bullet for my smoothie. Our accommodations have a small kitchen so I’m hopeful I’ll be fine.

What other lifestyle implements have helped with your success (sleep, stress management, exercise)? I’ve always been active. Spring, summer, and fall I golf and walk 18 holes at least five days a week. My favorite addition is my Feet Up.

I started furniture painting and tapping back into my creative side. I’m learning to say no to things that added stress in my life. I need to focus on my sleep schedule. I require a good 8 hours of sleep to feel rested which is a challenge I’m still working on.

"I'm learning to say no to things that added stress in my life."

What advice would you give to someone just starting The Best You? Take one day at a time. Give yourself a chance to break old habits and make changes.

Each day will get easier.

If you slip get back up - it’s not the end of the world - forgive yourself.

If you are inspired by Kathy and want to learn more about The Best You, click HERE to learn more and join our group!

Or if you are a current member with more than 60 days, please submit your story HERE to be featured as an AIP Warrior!

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