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Meet Nancy D.

Nancy D has been a The Best You member for only 93+ days and has had remarkable success!  After a scary health diagnosis, she decided to get serious about improving her lifestyle!   With the help and support of Tracey and the members in The Best You, she has seen a drastic improvement in her numbers and expects to see even more positive changes in the coming months.   Read more of Nancy's story below...

Nancy D Before
Nancy D After (92 days)

What is your WHY for joining The Best You and eating AIP? Do you have a specific diagnosis?

My WHY is to live a healthy and happy life not having to struggle daily.

I’ll take you back to March 4th of this year when I was a walking time bomb. My A1C was a whopping 14.5. I have had Type 2 diabetes for 18 years and know how to take care of myself.

For some reason, I chose not to. But back in March, I was so very sick and I had just pushed through in the months leading up to that day that my doctor laid down the law and scared me straight. Other blood work from that day revealed excessively high liver enzymes. I then had an ultrasound of the liver and was diagnosed with NAFLD (Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) caused by uncontrolled diabetes. From that day I vowed to get my act together and take back my health.

How did you learn about The Best You? I heard Tracey being interviewed on a podcast I listen to. Keyword “liver”! I was all ears!! When did you join The Best You? What is your #number(days AIP / age)? May 2019. #93/54 Share your successes!! Six weeks after my NAFLD diagnosis my A1C was 9.9. A big difference and I knew I was on the right track. My liver enzymes were still elevated but lower.

Fast forward to today... 3 months later... my A1C is 6.4. I still have a little work to do there, but I believe my body will handle that for me in 3 months at my next check. My liver enzymes are completely normal, actually the low end of normal! My cholesterol has come down 57 points. With all the blood work and tests, it was concluded that I do not have an autoimmune disease nor were any cancer markers present.

I truly believe God led me to Tracey and this group. The timing is undeniable. AIP is saving my life. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again!

Have you re-introduced any foods yet? If yes, what and what were the results?

No, I have not reintroduced any foods. I may reintroduce eggs but have not made that decision yet. I am completely satisfied being 100% AIP compliant.

What tricks/tips made this life easier?

Plan, plan and plan again! Drink the green juice! It has been key to my liver detox.

Nancy D (green juice) edited
Nancy D (nutrient rich foods)edited

List your favorite AIP snacks.

Apple slices, nitrate-free bacon, smoothies.

How do you stay AIP compliant outside your home (work, social gatherings, traveling, etc)? I ALWAYS take my food with me. What other lifestyle implements have helped with your success (sleep, stress management, exercise)? I took getting extra sleep seriously and have made it a priority to get plenty of sleep every night.

I also enjoy Epsom Salt baths.

What advice would you give to someone justing starting The Best You?

Make sure to be engaged and take advantage of the wealth of knowledge, encouragement, and love in this Group.

If you are inspired by Nancy and want to learn more about The Best You, click HERE to learn more and join our group!

List your top AIP go-to meals.

Vegetable stir fry

Chopped salad with all the fruits and veggies

Grilled chicken or turkey breasts with roasted sweet potatoes

I always have homemade soup in the freezer at all times.

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