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Mermaid Headboard

I am not kidding when I tell you that I have painted this headboard many times over!!! Anytime I am lucky enough to find it listed on a local sales page....I grab it! It offers a huge dramatic matter what direction I take the design. I can honestly say....this is the most fun I have EVER had with this headboard!!!

My client specifically asked for a "mermaid" headboard....queen size....and TALL! She also asked that I use the aqua color on it is going in her beach house....and this color is carried throughout the home. So I began by color blending the three shades you see below....(top/middle/bottom....all blended into each other).

((I have painted this same piece of furniture 100x, you can see this same headboard painted in a neutral whimsical style here.))

* This post may contain affiliate links, I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

I then drew out my mermaid design....and painted her entire shape in white. I decided at the last minute that I wanted a deeper base for the I added the navy bottom....and blended it into the color above it. I then sprayed the entire painted surface with water....allowing the paint to naturally drip and run. It was exactly the look I was after.....wet and salt-washed!

I continued to build and layer my mermaid.....adding colors and depth as I went. You can see the progression of her coming to life in the four photos below.

I LOVE her so much!!!! I really do!!!!

I wanted her hair to steal the show....and I think I accomplished that! I used the scrolls on the bed itself as inspiration for her curly hair!

I did not give her a face for two reasons. ONE.....I am awful at painting faces...LOL! Just being honest! TWO....I wanted her to remain sort of mysterious!

I photographed her in my breakfast room....and was mesmerized at the way the sunlight coming in the window just gave her life! And those drips!!! What a perfect opportunity to use the organic look of the water technique!!

I am really pleased at a detail that most people will probably just overlook! So let me bring it to your attention....LOL! I literally crammed white paint up into the crack where the flat headboard meets the gold trim. I just loaded my brush with a big glob....and crammed it up into that space...and then sprayed it with water and let it run. I love that it looks like its been sprayed with salt water splash for years!!! That is the exact look I was after!

I know I say it way too much....but I really mean it! I am so so so thankful for my clients!!! They allow me to paint freely....and they trust my brain to create something unique for just for them! I hope this mermaid brings a smile to the face of everyone that enters that beach house!! She sure made me smile while I was bringing her to life!

Thank ya'll for joining me here today!!!!

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Here are the exact colors I used.  They are top-quality mineral paints from Dixie Belle Paint Company These are all affiliate links of which I could make a small commission, so thank you, thank you! You can also find the Modern Masters metallic paints and more of my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here

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