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Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

Let me tell you how this Merry & Bright Holiday Sign came to be!

Side view of Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

Well, this was a fun project!!

This adorable holiday sign was created as the result of a challenge! I really do love a good challenge, and I think we should do more around here!

Dixie Belle paint sent a box of goodies to me! It was a Secret Santa box filled with paints, waxes, stencils, tinsel garland, and the cutest little retro vintage deer.

They challenged me to create something. Anything, but I had to use ALL the products in the box!

To be honest, I really wanted to paint a piece of furniture! But who's got room to store furniture just for Christmas?

If you do, then hit me up. We can make something happen!

Watch how this Merry & Bright Holiday Sign comes together!

I chose a sign that I had here in the shop - originally purchased from Hobby Lobby.

Then I painted the sign in a base coat of gray just to block the colors from the original art. Afterward, I chose Mint Julep and painted in one coat.

Using the Retro Lattice stencil, I laid down a second coat of The Gulf (my 2nd fave color) over the dry Mint Julep.

This offered a very subtle tone-on-tone backdrop for the artwork. And hey, I really love these two colors together!!! You will definitely be seeing these used in combination again!

The Holiday Joy Stencil is SO cute and SO versatile!

Using Holiday Joy Stencil for Snowflake accent make with DB Mud on Merry &Bright Holiday Sign

I used both the snowflakes and the ornaments with the little flashy star accents.

Using stencil for ornament accent on Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

Dixie Bell offers a product called Mud, and it is perfect for a raised stencil look.

You simply lay your stencil down, scrape the Mud over the stencil, and lift the stencil away. Don't forget to immediately rinse your stencil.

I usually leave the raised stencil to dry overnight before sanding or painting.

Then, when you are ready to paint your raised stencil, simply place the stencil back over the raised design, paint what is showing through the stencil, and lift away!

Using stencil for ornament accent on Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

Using CMP Soft Pink to add to ornament accent on Merry & Bright Holiday Sign
Using Holiday Joy Stencil and Peony to add painting to Mud textured accents

It's so much easier than worrying about getting your colored paint or gilding wax on your background.

I did just that and used Gilding Wax in silver and Moonshine Metallics Silver Bullet for the stars and the snowflakes.

Using Gilding Wax in silver to add to accents on Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

Applying gilding wax in silver to snowflake accent made with DB Mud in white on Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

The ornament is done in Apricot Chameleon Wax, a bit of silver, and two shades of pink.

This Merry & Bright Holiday Sign needed some cute, merry, and BRIGHT lettering!

The lettering was SO much fun!

Why??? Because it was a challenge!

I found lettering online that I liked and just used that to lay out my plan.

Lettering Tracey found for reference for Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

I drew straight lines in chalk across the sign for the words.

Hand lettering takes a lot of practice, and I am no pro, even after years of practice. To this day, I struggle to get my slant to be the same!

Tracey showing how she creates hand-lettering for signs

Using chalk pencil to draw on letters for hand-lettering on Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

I highly recommend practicing by just drawing first. Over and over.

Once you have this down, you can take the next step of fattening your letters.

I actually offer a class in this, and you can find it here!

The letters are painted in Peony (my fave color)....just one coat.

This part of the Merry & Bright Holiday Sign project is so therapeutic.

The letters are drawn, and it's so easy to just fill them in with paint!

Using Peony CMP to create lettering for Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

Painting hand-lettering onto Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

Using peony to paint on lettering on Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

But I chose to add shadowing!

I used Soft Pink to do this.

It really offers that retro/pop art vibe vintage vibe that I was after!

Adding shadow to lettering on Merry & Bright Holiday Sign to add depth
Completed accent shadows made with Soft Pink on Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

And finally, the frame (or the perimeter) of the sign!

What else but black and white?!?!

I painted a single layer of Fluff, then hand-striped with a 1' flat brush and Caviar.

Carefully painting stripes onto edge of Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

Finished striped edge painted with Caviar and fluff on Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

I sprayed a fine mist of Glitter Blast in Diamond Dust over the entire sign because, in my opinion, everything Christmas needs a little sparkle!

Glitter spray for adding sparkle to Merry & Bright Holiday Sign

And now to incorporate the precious little baby deer and the tinsel garland for a final staged photo shoot!

Merry & Bright Holiday Sign angled aerial view

This was a really fun challenge!

And with this being the giving season, I think there may be a giveaway in the near future!



Learn hand-lettering with yours truly:

Art of Fancy Hand Lettered Signs

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