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My Metallic Painted Furniture Ideas

It is no secret that I not only love color.....but I also love my metallics!!!

Metallic paint, metallic leafing, metallic gilding.

If I had connections with a metal worker I'd be adding REAL metal accents to my furniture creations too!

Metallics add an element of bling that you just can't get with matter how bright the paint is or how well you blend just won't give you bling without metallics!

My FAVE of all FAVES is metal leafing...whether it is silver, gold or copper (rose gold).....I'm all about designing a project that gives me the opportunity to use metal leaf products!

One of my most requested....most pinned (on Pinterest)...most liked on FB and most loved on my metallic silver dresser. (Read that blog here.)

I've actually done several versions of this same finish....the silver/white/blue version above is now in Florida....

* This post may contain affiliate links, I could make a commission at no charge to you if you purchase my recommended products. Please read my disclosure here and my privacy policy here.

And this silver/cream/rust version is now in Staten Island!

Each piece offers a glamorous/rustic look.....which is one of my favorite ways to decorate! Mixing up old with new.....keeping things from looking to fancy....OR to worn out!

The rose-gold metal leafed chest of drawers has my heart!

It offers an old world/whimsical feel......and ya'll know how I feel about that!!!

The rose-gold metal leaf on this piece is STRONG....and undeniably gaudy.....but the aged finish over it....helps keep it at an acceptable level. Read more about this piece here.

There is a fine line between BEAUTIFUL and TACKY when using metal leafing OR metallic paints.

You really need to know where to use to apply it....and when enough is enough.

It is easy to overdo to the point that the piece becomes obnoxious....and it's best to avoid that! LOL!!!

Metallic paints are also an easy way to add bling without the need to break out your metal leafing skills....such as my gold dipped dresser. More pics on this bedroom set here.

However...... metallic paints can be tricky.

They show brush marks easily (use a sponge to smooth out)...they show directional marks (only paint in one direction).....AND they can be overused too (less is more).

I suggest finding a piece of furniture that has been done tastefully.....and use it as inspiration when painting your own.

My favorite metallic gold paint is the best accent paint in the world!!! The next few pieces I used my go-to Liquid Leaf in Classic Gold.

My herringbone dresser would NOT have been noticed if it weren't for the light-reflecting quality of that paint! More info on this dresser here.

My Jack Daniels dresser did NOT look this rich until I finished it off with that amazing gold paint! See more on this one here.

And the ombre mermaid dresser has just the right amount of shimmer by using the gold on the drawer pulls.

It is an opaque paint I don't recommend it if you are looking for a sheer gold shimmer. Go here to see more

My last recommendation when looking for a really good metallic paint is Modern Masters.

I have used Modern Masters on this Hollywood Silver Platinum....for a really rich glamorous look. To see more, go here.

Painted Whimsical Headboard Tracey's Fancy

I've also used it on my French Script bed in Warm Silver.....for a shimmery pale gold finish. Tons more pictures here.

Modern Masters is a rich and creamy paint....VERY different from the GOLD Liquid Leaf.....and much easier to use!

Shop Metallic Paints

I've curated my favorite metallic paints and products from ALL of my metallic painted furniture projects. You can also find these in my Amazon influencer list here. Theses are all affiliate links of which I could make a small commission. Of course, I am only recommending the metallic paints I use myself.

I hope this inspires you to try a few metallic options on your next furniture painting adventure!

Remember......I always have courses available to you.....if you really want a confidence and skill booster!!!

My last Summer Series course is THIS month.....and we are learning metal leafing!!!

We'd love to have you join us!!! Get details on my metallic course HERE.

How to Paint Whimsical Furniture Metal Leafing and Gilding Wax

Now go make something GAUDY! LOL! Okay...maybe just glamorous! Leave the gaudy to me....I LOVE GAUDY!



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Metallic Painted Furniture Ideas with Tracey's Fancy | How to Paint Metallic Furniture #furnituremakeover | Silver Furniture | Gold Furniture
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