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Mickey and Minnie File Cabinet


You just might regret getting rid of those bulky file cabinets after you read this blog on the Mickey and Minnie File Cabinet! They really do make amazing storage for so much more than hanging files! To be honest..... I use one to store all my Dixie Belle design transfer tubes.... they fit perfectly! My clients office must be an office where dreams are made! She has a real thing for Mickey and Minnie Mouse..... and asked me to create a file cabinet in that theme! I can honestly say this is my FIRST Mickey/Minnie creation..... and it won't be my last! She's already ordered a tea set as well!

Mickey and Minnie File Cabinet

The prep...

I started with a white file cabinet (that she ordered and had shipped to me). But let me just tell you that my local Goodwill has these all the time for $10! I cleaned with White Lightning to remove any oils from the factory. I then used Slick Stick to prep for my painting. Slick Stick allows you to paint on any and all surfaces. It has crazy good adhesion to surfaces and provides a hardy surface that will accept your Dixie Belle paint really well. It is important to follow the application instructions. Apply one coat and let dry overnight. Apply the second coat and let dry for several hours before painting. I applied it with a sponge roller.

Slick Stick

I chose Cotton as my base coat color for the entire piece and applied a single coat with a roller and let dry. Next I taped off my angled design with painters tape.

The file cabinet design...

The Mickey and Minnie designs were created by me.... hand drawn, traced and cut into patterns. I lined them up where I wanted them on my diagonal line. I taped them into place so their spot would be saved while painting the harlequin pattern.

Minnie and Mickey ears

The houndstooth stencil by Dixie Belle was my key to keeping this piece from being too juvenile. I felt it was the perfect way to bring in the black and white of the Mouse and keeping it classy at the same time. I created the pattern on live video and I have a link to the YouTube video that I will share with you at the end of this blog. I used Caviar as my black and applied with a single coat using a roller.

Honky Tonk Red was applied to the lower portion of the cabinet and went on beautifully with the roller! I did apply two coats as red coverage often requires.

Mickey and Minnie File Cabinet

Many of my patterns are created from items I have here in the shop. I used a paint jar lid and chalk to trace my circles onto the red painted cabinet. I then filled in the circles with white (Cotton) and a 1/4" angled brush. Voila!

Mickey and Minnie ears were painted into place..... and Minnie's bow was given a glow up! I laid the cabinet on its back.... and I used glitter glue in red to outline the bow. I do this because the glitter glue is thick and provides a raised edge to help support the Mod Podge glue and glitter. I applied ModPodge glue..... and sprinkled red glitter and let dry. This took several hours but once dry I stood the cabinet up to allow any loose glitter to fall away. I then used a clear acrylic spray to spray lightly and directly onto the glitter of the bow. Once this was dry I applied another thick coat of ModPodge in gloss to the top of the bow for a final seal. No one likes loose glitter!

Glitter Glue

Finishing Touches

WoodUBend molds were chosen for the front drawer corners and for the dividing of the colors trim. I painted the trim and the corner molds in DB Gold Mousse (infused with clear gloss for a quick set). Once dry, I heated the molds and applied to the cabinet. I used a combination of Tite Bond Wood Glue and E6000 quick set glue to hold them in place. The trim is cut easily when warm...... and I made my cuts anywhere it crossed a drawer opening. I then use a Rad Pad to lightly sand the sharp edge of the cut to a smooth to touch finish. My client asked for a lot of bling..... and I wasn't sure the glitter bow and gold trim was enough bling for her! So I chose to add pearls!!! I purchased the buckets of flatback pearls and used E6000 to apply them one by one along the gold trim. I am so glad I decided to do this! It adds such a sassy flair to the finished look!

Making it last...

Lastly...... I used a fresh foam roller and Gator Hide for a top coat! I applied two coats over the entire piece for lasting protection! I sprayed the handles with gold spray paint..... let dry..... and installed. This was so fun..... and as I usually say..... so easy!!! I hope it inspires you to create something that makes you or someone else smile!!!

XOXO, Tracey

Mickey and Minnie File Cabinet

Click HERE for the youTube playlist on this Mickey and Minnie metal file cabinet makeover.

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Mickey and Minnie File Cabinet

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