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Modern nursery with an urban feel

It's always an honor to help a family create a beautiful new space for a new baby. It's the biggest honor of all.....when that baby is my grandbaby. My kids and their spouses.....are so kind to always include me in the nursery design process.....and I am forever thankful for their thoughtfulness and consideration of my desire to help. The latest design is this modern nursery for sweet Hutton.

modern nursery with a sophisticated grunge twist by Tracey's Fancy

If you are a new reader, hello and welcome to the Fancy Fam! With over a decade of furniture painting experience, I can honestly say that sharing my projects through this blog is still my favorite way to inspire! I've got years worth of fun and creative ways to update your home decor and furniture through paint! If this sounds like something you'd like to have delivered to you every Sunday be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter here!

Baby my second grandson of six grandkids. It's been 7 long years since we considered options for a little boy's room.


The Design Plan

Hailey (my daughter) and Trevor (my son-in-law) had specific sketches on scratch paper.... and lots of inspiration photos pinned to a Pinterest board. They knew they wanted to mix textures with metal and wood....and keep the colors natural and neutral. I've worked with them on many projects over the years and it's always a joy. We each bring something to the table.....and our group effort always seems to result in a successful project.

Today I share with you the handsome room of the even more handsome Hutton Knox Underwood.

I can tell you that we are more than happy with the vibe here...but have had a difficult time categorizing the specific style. I shared the photo on my social media accounts and the general consensus was a "sophisticated-handsome-magazine worthy-mancave for a baby"! We'll take it! And oddly enough.....7 years ago.....the other grandson's nursery was oddly similar with the whole warm/man-cave vibe. Hmmmmmm...

The Rug

So let's start with that rug! Not just because it's my favorite item in the room....but it's the first thing we committed to for the room. I always choose a piece of art or a rug to build my room design...I loved it...they loved it.....I gifted it! And it's pretty dang amazing! And for everyone who wants all the's the Dakotah Sumac Rug from Ruggable.

modern nursery with a sophisticated grunge twist by Tracey's Fancy

The Wall

Next.....THAT wall! Hailey and Trevor considered MANY feature walls for this modern nursery! And to be honest....we didn't make the decision to go with this one the very last minute. The wall is painted in Grizzle Gray by Sherwin Williams. The placement of the raised/decorative boards was decided on the spot. Trevor would hold up a board while Hailey and I decided on the angle...he'd mark and cut....I'd paint it.....and then he'd tack it into place......and we'd move on to the next one. So no....we did NOT have a drawn-out plan before we started. It was truly an organic design.

modern nursery with a sophisticated grunge twist by Tracey's Fancy

The Crib

Making the decision on the crib was hard! We all really liked the minimalist design....but the room has very tall ceilings...and we knew the wall behind the crib would be a strong feature. We finally decided on the black crib that had some weight to it.....and would not be overlooked by the wall. We also loved the traditional panels on the back of the crib....offering a classy element.

Hailey pulled the cinnamon brown color from the rug and repeated it in the simple bed sheet from Caden Lane.

The Artwork & Light Fixture

With the crib in place and the wall completed.....Hailey and Trevor designed the name art behind the crib. They chose subway tiles for their clean lines, crisp white contrast, and light reflective shine to serve as the backdrop for the floating metal letters that we found on Etsy from Black Flag Magic. Trevor built a frame.....laid the tile....grouted in black....and mounted the letters. He made it look so incredibly easy! And it is truly stunning!

Hailey pulled the trigger on that jaw-dropping drool-worthy light fixture! I knew the moment she showed it to was the right light for the space. It offered wood and metal and lines.....and a sophisticated raw strength that would bring the entire space together. I'd say it does just that!

modern nursery with a sophisticated grunge twist by Tracey's Fancy


The dresser isn't shown much in this blog as it has its very own blog here.

We painted the dresser (in a series of two videos) on live video as a family....even big sister Harlow helped! You can watch those videos HERE.

And to get a closer look and ALL the details about this multi-layered industrial finish with leather strap drawer pulls visit my blog HERE. Let me just tell you.....those dresser drawers are already FULL of the cutest little boy clothes ever!

modern nursery with a sophisticated grunge twist by Tracey's Fancy

The Mobile

The mobile......above the bed....looks really simple....but trust was a labor of love! I sat on the floor for hours while I tied knots with jute and leather strips and lost the tips of my fingers to hot glue while attaching tiny feathers to said knots! I purchased those metal rings years ago and have used them for staging in many of my furniture photos. When we were trying to decide what type of mobile I'd make.....we decided the whiskey barrel rings would be perfect! All the respect in the world to those that work with tiny knots and feathers and rope on the daily! I do love the mobile!

modern nursery with a sophisticated grunge twist by Tracey's Fancy

The Rocker

And finally....the rocker!! This was the very last major player to be purchased for the room. In was a gift from Trevor's parents....and they were patiently waiting on the kids to make their decision. I was not sold on this specific chair as it is low backed and I felt Hailey would want a place to rest her head while nursing the baby. But I have to looks amazing in that room....and it's actually quite comfortable! The addition of the needlepoint campfire pillow from Junk Gypsy is sooooo cute!

modern nursery with a sophisticated grunge twist by Tracey's Fancy

The room is filled with many little trinkets of love from friends and family. Animal prints from a good friend.....faux zebra head (from me of course).....long cedar wood plank above the window and dresser is wood from Trevor's family ranch.....hand-made wooden boat above the closet door was made by Hailey's grandpa.....tiny little wooden block on the dresser from one of Hailey's brothers.....and the little wooden guy is holding the circular name sign from her work family at Nursery Couture/Caden Lane....just to name a few.

Hailey purchased the modified Moses basket for the dresser top to use as a changing station from Design Dua. And we picked up the round metal mirror above the dresser from Homegoods.

The ONLY element left still pending is that "not" window treatment. We could not agree on this ONE feature! So for now....a very basic room darkening drapery panel..... that had been stashed in a closet....does the job. Did you notice its basic-ness? LOL!

So I leave you with this adorable vision. Our precious and very loved Hutton.....sound asleep....making that crib and that sign and that wall and that Moses basket look better than anyone ever imagined they would.

Thank you, Lord, for your blessing of this child.

Thank you, friends, for your kind words.

Thank you, Hailey and Trevor, for allowing my fancy friends into your home.

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See you next week!



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