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Five most commonly asked questions...answered

I remember the day when blogging was how you shared your story. Then social media came along......and everything changed. Social media allows relationships to be formed....and where relationships do questions....lots and lots of questions.

Today I will share with you the five most asked questions as well as my answers! I have a feeling that one of these questions will likely really surprise you!

#1. Where do you get those great furniture pieces that you paint?

Where do you find the furniture pieces that you paint?

Most of the pieces that I paint today belong to the client already. They contact me and ask me to paint a specific piece that they own or have secured from a seller. They bring the piece to me and pick it up. This is done by design.....after many years of scouring flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, craigslist....and even day trips driving to surrounding cities just to pick up a cool piece of furniture to fill an order. That is exhausting when paired with the multiple communications with the client to make the sale, hours to seek out a specific piece, drive time to pick it up, AND needing to PAINT it! And on top of that.....I used to even offer to deliver for FREE!!!

My whimiscal ombre vanity, Rococo bed, and faux crocodile nightstands are just a few recent examples of incredible pieces that my clients have trusted me to transform. Learn more about their before and after by clicking the photos below...

Needless to say...things have changed. I now agree to accept a commission order only if it interests me.....and most often only if they can get the piece to me. However.....I have talked with many lovely people that want a piece painted by me.... in my style....and I'm sometimes willing to source the piece for them. I do this mostly on FB Marketplace. That seems to be the best source here in San Antonio and surrounding areas....and I've had great luck with it!

I will say this....if you see a piece that stops you in your better grab it! Do not hesitate or it will be gone! Just offer what you are willing to pay and very often they are willing to negotiate. There is also an indoor antique/flea-market here in San Antonio that I love to go browse through. I've been very lucky there as well.....lucky enough to keep me interested in going back! There is also an auction house close to me...but I just don't have the time for those. They take hours....and I can't seem to find the patience to wait out the whole auction thing!

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE the "seek and find" of this part of the business! But I can easily lose myself in the challenge....and have proven this is not sustainable for me. I was terrified to switch to locals only....but it's been one of the best decisions I have made. (ok....mostly locals-only...I love my faraway clients too and I do offer nationwide shipping)

#2 Do YOU have your painted furniture in your home?

I do!! I have quite a few pieces. As a matter of fact...I just counted and I have TEN! I had ELEVEN until the fabulous Marilyn bed left last week to her new home! Most rooms in our home have at least ONE colorful piece in it....and I call these "feature pieces". As a matter of fact....that is what I prefer to call my furniture art...Feature Pieces.

I love living with examples of my painted furniture! I feel it gives credibility to the quality and durability of the Dixie Belle paint that I so passionately represent! To name a few...I have my faux wood grain dining room table with painted and reupholstered chairs, leopard patina grunge buffet (tutorial available HERE), and Marilyn name a few!

#3 Do you prime your pieces? And how do you know if you need to?

Oh goodness, this question is asked so often and its answer has so many variabilities. I recommend priming with Dixie Belle's boss on almost all pieces. It's just the safest thing to do. If you aren't SURE....then prime with Boss.

Dixie Belle is genius and offers you two Boss options...both clear and white! So why not?? It is better to be safe than sorry. It is so disappointing to put time and energy into a piece and then experience wood tannin bleed through.

BOSS white

Bleedthrough is no joke! It's not always visible at first....and can sneak up on you and really upset your creative flow! As you grow in your painting skills you will become more aware of what needs to be primed. So when I'm asked if I prime my pieces......I say YES...if I need to! But I've been doing this a really long time.....and I'm confident in discerning a bleeder from a non-bleeder. You will be time!

This specific question gets asked soooo often that I have actually dedicated an entire blog just to this one topic. You can read more about how to prep your furniture piece for painting HERE.

#4 How did you lose so much weight?

I realize this is not a painting question.....but people ask me very personal non-painting questions all the time....and this is at the top of the list!

The answer is.....I am a VERY clean eater! I am dedicated to feeding my body clean and nutritious foods ONLY! I follow a lifestyle called AIP (Autoimmune Protocol).

I made the decision to do this after a health crisis back in 2017. It has changed my life!

  1. Yes, I eat meat.

  2. No, I'm not a vegetarian.

  3. Yes, I cook my food.

  4. No, I don't eat just raw veggies.

  5. Yes, I eat as much fruit as I want.

  6. No, it's not the Keto diet.

  7. Yes, I stay full and satisfied.

  8. No, I do not suffer from cravings anymore.

  9. Yes, it was difficult at first.

  10. No, I don't regret it at all!

I eat to live.....not live to eat. I'd love to teach you everything I know and support you in this lifestyle change if you are truly interested! You can read more about my health and wellness accountability group The Best You HERE.

Click HERE to get on The Best You waitlist and be notified when the group reopens to new members.

#5. Where do you buy your bras??

Yep! You read that right. I am asked what type of bras I wear.....what brand they are....and even what size they are! As a matter of fact....I've been asked to take a picture of the tags and message the pictures to someone.

I believe this has happened because I don't like clothes! LOL! I really don't like to wear a lot of clothes. It's hot as heck here in Texas....and I prefer tank tops. I don't even like to wear much more than a tank when I'm painting even in the winter! So my workout bra straps show! And I have A LOT of them....and people seem to like the straps! LOL!

Let me just say.....I buy my bras from all over! I get them on Amazon, Costco, Target, boutiques, craft shows......everywhere! I do prefer a workout style bra over an actual brazier. I prefer the pull-over-the-head type...rather than a hook type. I prefer several skinny straps over single straps. And the criss-cross in the back is a must for me! My "boobies" are heavy....and I need support without it pulling on my shoulders....and the criss-cross does that for me. (yes....I said boobies.....but hey....y'all asked!)

Well, that was fun! I hope you enjoyed this recap of my most commonly asked questions!


If you would like to paint your own furniture ....but need a little help getting started...I offer a furniture painting basics course that would be the perfect place!

Or if you are looking for more advanced techniques, check out all of my course offerings HERE.

See you next week!



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