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My AIP Lifestyle: What I've learned the last 600+ days

As I prepare to open the doors for new members to my private health and wellness group, The Best You, for the SEVENTH time...I find myself reflecting on what it is that I have learned about myself through my AIP lifestyle.

I thought maybe I should share this with you!

I've shared with you many times what it was that drove me to the well as what drives others to the AIP lifestyle.....but I don't think I've shared simple yet powerful realizations that I have experienced personally.

  1. I am a sugar addict. As in....."Hello, my name is Tracey and I am a sugar addict". I will share more with you on this it's fairly involved...and I feel strongly that many of you are as well....and like I laugh it off and possibly make fun...but it's a serious matter and one I am quite passionate about.

  2. I turned to food as a coping mechanism. Again....this is quite involved and a topic I am happy to talk more about later. I just want to say...I had no idea how much I really did use food to deal with simple daily stressors and turn.....only adding to my daily stressors and emotions. I was caught up in a vicious cycle that needed to be broken.

  3. Adopting the AIP diet did not fix everything when dealing with my chronic disease. I had dreams and visions of being in complete control of my symptoms once I adapted to my new way of eating. WRONG. AIP lifestyle involves so much more than diet change and I still struggle with boundaries that must be put into place and respected.

  4. Oh.....I have a chronic fact I have there's that.

  5. And oh......I struggle with boundaries.

  6. I am a mono-eater....which is a fancy way of saying a "boring eater that doesn't mind eating the same thing every day"! But that is NOT how it has to be with AIP. My group is full of wonderful cooks and creative eaters...that share lots of recipes and ideas with each other daily.

  7. I misunderstood the idea of "self-love" I felt it was selfish to put my needs before those of others.

  8. I possess a killer/rockstar/bad-assery will power! My will power is my super-power! I am one determined #ladyboss and I have discovered that I am pretty good at helping others to both find and develop their own!

  9. I require a support system. There! I said it! That one was hard for me to both accept and swallow! I have always considered myself to be a really strong individual that could deal with absolutely anything thrown my way! Well.....I still can....but I've learned it's H-E-double hockey sticks of a lot easier and faster to achieve success with my tribe! (even with my super-power)

I share these points with hopes that you will have better insight into my journey and what I've learned through my AIP lifestyle. From the see the physical changes....the weight loss, the good health, the energy, the attitude, the motivator......but I too have struggles. I have struggles that I didn't even realize I had! As each point above was revealed to me...I became more compassionate toward others that deal with similar circumstances.

What I learned through my AIP lifestyle by Tracey Bellion

I am thankful for my struggles.

I am thankful for my health scares.

I am thankful for those that came forward to support me in my time of need.

I am thankful for the learning.

I am thankful for those that put their trust in me to lead them through similar battles.

I am thankful for sisterhood.

I am thankful for God's guidance and it took me years to listen to the signals He was sending to take better care of myself.

I am thankful that I have become comfortable with the words SELF LOVE.....for it is from that resource that I am able to share love with so many others!

Click HERE to learn more about The Best You and sign up below to get on the waitlist...

You are worthy of loving yourself too!

Have you tried it???

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What I learned through my AIP lifestyle by Tracey Bellion
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