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My daily skin care routine with Arbonne

I have found a daily skin care routine that gave my skin new life!! And since I have been asked countless times recently what I use, I thought it was time to share with y'all.

I was a soap and water skin care girl for ......well forever!

I never really fully understood the importance of good quality skin care products.

I believe things have changed. In a world where it's considered completely acceptable to take selfies and post online for others to see.....people have become obsessed with how they look! Plastic surgery and facial peels and resurfacing procedures and facial fillers and botox have made their way into the youthful faces of those in their 20's.....which is so upsetting to me! Twenty-year-old skin is nectar!!! I do believe in preserving it....but must we alter it completely??? But for me....that is neither here nor there as my 20's are long gone!

My Skin Care History

After being placed on daily steroids and a low dose chemotherapy med to treat my autoimmune skin took a drastic turn! It aged dramatically almost overnight! This left me searching for a product that would feed and nourish my skin to help combat what was being done to it on a cellular level. I needed it to be both effective.....and most importantly....CLEAN!

I have worked very hard to rid my body of toxins over the last two years and I continue to maintain a clean eating lifestyle. What we put on our skin is absorbed directly into the bloodstream within 26 seconds!!! So my skin care product needed to be to come from a holistic and PLANT POWERED approach!

I won't go into details of Arbonne standards.....but you can read more about their mission and standards here.

So in February of this year (2019) I began my new daily skin care routine! I waited FIVE months before mentioning it to anyone unless they asked! I am now being asked ALL the time...and I am proud to recommend these products that has saved my face from the rough and not so fun journey of steroids and chemo!

I chose......

RE9 Restorative Set by Arbonne....because it's clean not basic

The set comes with five items and that is all I use in the morning. The night routine I have added two extra steps by choice.

daily skin care routine

My FIVE minute MORNING daily skin care routine:

(clean/tone/renew/eye cream/sunscreen)

**all the above products are part of the RE9 Advanced Restorative Set

daily skin care routine

My FIVE minute NIGHT TIME daily skin care routine:

(clean/tone/scrub/renew/eye cream/moisturize/lip balm)

**all the above products (apart from the resurfacing pads and the lip balm) are part of the RE9 Advanced Restorative Set

Over I became comfortable with this routine....and have noticed remarkable results.....I have chosen to add a few more steps to my weekly routine. I now use a spot remover and a renewal mask a few times a week as well.

daily skin care routine

You may feel this is too many products and completely overwhelming! I felt the same way! But as with any new routine....once you invest the time into making it a just becomes second nature!

You may feel this is too costly! I felt this way too! I can tell you in complete honesty that the products last 4-6 months. You need VERY little per use....not even the size of a pea!

And lastly.....I realize you may feel turned off by "signing up" to purchase! I felt this way too! However....let me explain it to you this way.

As I stood in line last week to pay and renew my Costco membership that I could then shop at wholesale prices.....I realized this is exactly what Arbonne offers. You can shop Arbonne at the retail price if you choose! But if you just sign up for your "membership" (preferred client OR independent consultant) get to shop at heavily discounted prices AND receive free products!

I DO NOT WORK the program.....I just USE the products. I only share the information if someone ask....just as I'm doing here.....because you've asked AND friends don't let friends have dull skin!

It is my hope to inspire you to look for a trusted source of naturally based products for your skin....WHATEVER product you choose! Please read labels and do your research! Your skin is so important...not just for how it makes you look....but to your overall health!

Feel free to email me with any questions you may have regarding how to get started with your own healthy skin care routine!

And if you want to talk hair care...head over to my Sassy Sexy Hair blog HERE.

Shop: Daily Skin Care Routine Products

RE9 Advanced Restorative Set

Spot Treatment

Please share my daily skin care routine pins and follow me on Pinterest!

Plant Power!  How I healed my AIP Skin By Tracey Bellion
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