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My Favorite {Subtle} Whimsical Furniture

Let’s talk “subtle” whimsy! It’s not really MY thing.....but apparently it’s a lot of YOURS! Maybe because it safe...or versatile....or maybe you just don’t care for a lot of color??? I get it! I really do! I’m asked to paint whimsical furniture in subtle colors quite often!! And I always love the outcome! SO....let’s look at a few pieces that will hopefully inspire you to add a little whimsy to your home....even if you don’t care for crazy colors! I

Can you say WOW??? This stunning bedroom set is the perfect example of whimsical furniture.....with a regal and fancy flare! I can’t imagine painting this set in anything BUT a neutral!! Color would be distracting to its beauty! Check out the story here...on where I found this set and what colors I used to restore its beauty! This dresser was taken from simple lines and whimsical furniture status just with the addition of simple tone-on-tone stripes! Check out the blog here for another design addition to the side panels that really take its whimsy up a notch! Okay......this chest of drawers may be pushing the envelope to be considered “subtle”.....but I’m going with it. Overall it is NOT bright....instead it has an aged look with a powdery white wash, which keeps it “subtle” in my opinion. LOL! Metal leaf, glazing, distressing and stripes add a playfulness that allow it to hang with other subtle whimsical furniture. The blog post showing all the details and even a full tutorial offering is right here. This simple farmhouse style was so easy to achieve! The neutral colors and tone-on-tone harlequin side panels keep this hutch from being too serious! Farmhouse and whimsical furniture are not usually paired....but it works here....really well! Read this blog post for more details. Holy Cow!!! I loved painting this piece! When I have the opportunity to design a piece just for the fun of it, it’s like I’m a kid in a candy store! I love mixing patterns and colors and adding unexpected details. Even though this piece is punch packed with pattern and remains subtle! Proof that it’s possible if you just understand how to plan your design. You simply have to check out the blog for more amazing photos!! There’s so much more to see! I just blogged about this little chest recently....right here.....but I just couldn’t leave it out of this subtle whimsical furniture roundup. It is such an elegant piece....with small doses of playfulness....that are done in complete neutrals! It’s probably the best example of my overall point of this post! If you are considering painting a piece of furniture in your home.....and you like Whimsy....(which you MUST or you wouldn’t be following me right???)....but you are scared....or hesitant....or don’t like it anyway!!! Just do it with neutrals! Use tone-on-tone with your favorite color! Keep it simple and subtle! You’ll be glad you did!!!

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{subtle} whimsical furniture

So which one is your favorite?? Which one fits your style?? And which one would you paint for yourself??! Click on the photo links to see each blog and for all details. Each blog post has the Dixie Belle paint colors and other paint products I recommend.

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