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Paint Wash End Table

Paint wash end table with silk paint

Do you have a piece of furniture in your home that is outdated or just no longer fits your style? And you keep seeing others (like me.... LOL!) posting the exact same type of furniture with a completely new look? Like..... for example..... this end table? Let me show you how to get the paint wash end table!

Paint Wash End Table by Traceys Fancy

I am here to tell you that YOU can do this! YOU..... can give your furniture a million dollar face lift for just a small investment in products and time! I'm going to show you how I created this look with just TWO colors of "all-in-one" paint in what I call a "paint wash" technique.... and then a little bonus of how I got fancy with the additional moulds and tiny checks!

only 2 colors of the Dixie Belle Silk line of paint used

Bringing Home the Prize:

I found this end table at my local Goodwill. It didn't have a scratch on it! I love the height, size and curvy legs..... and I really love that it is finished on ALL four sides.... so it can actually float in a room.

I gave it a good cleaning with White Lightning which is Dixie Belle's amaze-balls cleaner!! It cuts through dirt, grime and oils like no other cleaner I've used. It comes in the form of a concentrate and one little jar will last you forever! After washing and rinsing well, I chose to prime the top surface of the table with Slick Stick. I did this because its a TABLE. Tables get so much use.... and I really felt this would set me up for best paint adherence and lasting durability. Slick Stick is used to prime slick surfaces such as glass, Formica, tile, metal or even extremely high gloss wood..... which this piece had. I gave the rest of the table a light scuff sanding with a finishing pad just to break through some of that gloss surface.

adding slick stick for the super used top

Adding Moulds:

Before I began painting I chose to add two moulds to the center of each door panel and one the curve of each leg. I love the ability to add moulds to rather flat pieces of furniture.... just to add visual interest as well as give me something to enhance and make fancy! I chose Wood U Bend moulds #1711 and #2447... but there are many options exclusively offered by Dixie Belle. I've linked these moulds for you in the shop section below. They are so simple to work with. You just apply heat with a heat gun or even a blow dryer..... apply wood glue to the back of the mould.... press into place..... reheat one last time.... and press really hard! Done! I didn't need to manipulate the two moulds on the doors in any way.... but you can trim, cut, sand, drill through and bend them while they are warm. They really are amazing! (ignore that one is painted in a different color.... it was painted for another project). The moulds on the legs just curved right around the leg in the palm of my hand! And it adds such a nice touch!

adding woodUbend molds

About the Silk Paint, it's not just a chalk paint

I chose Dixie Belle's all-in-one paint called Silk. It comes in 20 gorgeous colors that they refer to as their Hampton Collection. Silk paint dries with a gorgeous egg-shell sheen and does not require a top coat for protection. I love Serenity!!! It is a soft duck egg color that adds a nice punch of color in the most subtle way. I painted the entire piece in two coats of Serenity and let dry..

all one color

Add A 2nd Color:

Although I love the color Serenity.... I don't really care for a single solid color. I feel it looks very flat. So I decided to try what I call a "paint wash" with Silk paint. I use this technique often with Dixie Belles chalk mineral line... but I hadn't tried it with Silk. You can see this process LIVE over on my YouTube channel.... we have linked that for you at the end of the blog.

It is basically this..... 1) paint an entire area with a second color of choice (I used Harbor) ......and 2) immediately wipe back with baby wipes until you achieve the color and washed look you are happy with.

It offers depth to your paint finish in the easiest of ways. No layering or fancy blending needed! Just paint and wipe away! And the best part...... is this means you are done! No top coat is needed! Your piece can be complete if it feels that way to you!

Add Tiny Checkerboard:

But I chose to take it a step further (of course)! I decided those little moulds needed the tiniest checkerboard ever painted onto the surface! So I did..... using Silk Salt Water and Anchor and the tiniest little brush you ever did see!

adding a tiny checkerboard


Here is a side-by-side of the mould without the checks..... and then with the checks...... now you tell me that's not next level!

without and with a checkerboard

Compare Again!

And then I chose to really bring it home with a little highlight in red (Honky Tonk Red and water) and Gold Gilding Wax (magic fairy dust)! You can watch me do this LIVE as well over on my YouTube channel. But for now.... just look at the side by side comparison! You can do this!!! It's so important to really make your moulds and accents work for you! Bring them into the design by adding shading and highlights! It really does bring your piece to life this way!

without and with the added red shading and gold highlights

Add your hardware:

A part of me really wanted to take this ENTIRE piece to the full on whimsy level.... but sometimes that is overwhelming for a new painter. I chose to stop here. I want you to fully believe that you can do this! I finished off the piece by freshening up the hardware with gold spray paint and calling it done!!

spray painted hardware


I really do love this color! I think the color wash adds so much dimension and really brought the piece to life! The addition of the moulds and the touch of whimsy is just enough to keep the piece from being too serious!

I hope you'll give something like this a try! It doesn't have to be the Paint Wash End Table. If you are a new painter...... I highly recommend Silk paint! Its user friendly, shortens your painting process, and dries with a professional and almost flawless finish! If softer colors are your thing..... Silk is a really good choice!

The link to the videos I promised! Don't forget to click on the "Watch on YouTube" button at the bottom, then you can subscribe...

Shopping Ingredients:

For your convenience, the products listed here are what I used for the Paint Washed End Table! Dixie Belle Paint Company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list HERE.

Here's how it works... these products are attached to my name. When you purchase by clicking from my blog..... then Dixie Belle offers a kickback to me for referring you! It doesn't cost you any more to use my links.... and the support helps me to bring you new projects! So I thank you in advance!!!

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Paint Wash End Table by Traceys Fancy

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