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Floral painted nightstand with stripes

Announcing the arrival of the BABY of the Water Washed Dresser!!! The newest member of this floral painted nightstand.

This little nugget was created to compliment the gorgeous French provincial dresser from last week's blog!

Floral Painted Nightstand by Tracey Fancy

My client's mother has stored this nightstand in its original form the garage for probably 30+ years!

Just a little Dixie Belle imagination....and the GUTS to try this DIY paint thing......this is what can happen!

Floral Painted Nightstand with stripes by Tracey Fancy

I painted the entire piece in Dixie Belle's French Linen. I then used French Linen and Antebellum Blue and Sawmill Gravy on the front......and did a very gradual color preparation for the Ruby Rose decor transfer by Redesign with Prima.

If you'd like more color blend instruction, check out my tutorial here.

Floral Painted Nightstand with stripes by Tracey Fancy

I knew I wanted to stripe the bottom......snugging the stripes right up the base of the floral transfer. This time...I used a different technique to achieve the stripes!

Floral Painted Nightstand by Tracey Fancy

I taped them off as I always do.....and then used decor wax instead of paint! It is a simple, fast and no-mess way to achieve stripes! You do not need to burnish (seal) your tape edges.....which makes it super fast to achieve! The "mom" dresser from last week had stripes in Dixie Belle's Gravel Road. I chose Redesign Decor wax in Vega...which is a deep but soft metallic charcoal color.

See my process in this short video and be sure to visit my YouTube channel for more easy-to-follow tutorials.

I carried the stripes around to the sides.....and topped them off with a sort of dreamy/foggy blend of Antebellum Blue paint mixed with Peacock and Vega Decor Waxes.

I added touches of Rusty Nail paint to the stripes for a contrast effect. I also enhanced and highlighted areas with the Meteor Showers Decor Wax....for the brilliant copper hue!

Floral Painted Nightstand by Tracey Fancy

Lastly.....I painted the hardware with the Patina metallic paint in Bronze. I then exposed it sparingly to both the blue and green reactive spray....for this gorgeous blue/green crusty and aged look!

I think they make a beautiful pair!!

Floral Painted Nightstand and Dresser by Tracey Fancy

Love this look but want to see another option? Check out my gold leaf ombre nightstand HERE.

Shop: Floral Painted Nightstand

The products listed here are what I used for this floral painted nightstand project! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

See you next week!



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