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Painted Pantry Door

Today I want to show you my painted pantry doors. I really wanted to paint them black!

In fact.... I want to paint all the ugly doors in my house black..... but I AM married.... and he has an opinion.... and he strongly disagrees! AHHH!

So....... I went with option number 2!

painted pantry door with WoodUBend mouldings | Tracey's Fancy

My home is old.... and "fine" cabinetry and doors was not a thing when this house was built in the minimalist times of 1964. My doors and cabinets are boring and just as plain as plain can be.

I could replace them all.... but that would cost a small fortune..... so I chose to just dress up the ones I have!

First I cleaned each door with White Lightning to remove all kitchen grime and residue from any past cleaners that could possibly affect the adherence of my paint.

I then chose which Wood U Bend molds that I would apply....and measured and drew out my placement of these molds based on the design I wanted.

I chose the top mold and the bottom corner molds (which come as a pair)... and the trim.

I applied these molds using wood glue and small drops of hot glue as anchors to get me started with the trim. You need minimal supplies to get this done! I used a ruler, tape measure, heat gun, glue gun, Titebond wood glue, a pencil, and a knife.

The Wood U Bend product is mind-blowing to me.... no matter how many times I use it! It is super easy to use... but does require an understanding of how the product works.

In order to get the full benefit of its capabilities... you can view this video of the actual application process here.... where I explain more in detail of how to apply.

I'm not a pro by any means.... and I may or may not use my toes to pick up a heat gun in the video.... but I get the job done and that is what matters!

So there! Molds are applied and secure and I'm ready to paint!

painted pantry door with WoodUBend mouldings | Tracey's Fancy

I chose to paint the doors in Dixie Belle's Sawmill Gravy as its the same colors as my kitchen cabinets! It is a soft creamy ivory without being yellow....and with my kitchen walls painted in Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray... it actually absorbs and reflects the gray hue beautifully.

I painted two coats of Sawmill Gravy for full coverage....waiting only about 30 minutes between coats.

I then top coated with a single coat of Clear Coat in Satin and let dry for 24 hours..... knowing I'd be dark waxing the trim the following day...and having a clear coat laid down prior is helpful when dark waxing.

The next day...I liberally applied Best Dang in Black..... and wiped back to accentuate the Wood U Bend moldings! Just watch this short video clip to see how it brings out the beauty of the carved details.

I allowed this to dry overnight and applied a final top coat of Dixie Belle's most durable topcoat..... Gator Hide..... two coats!

And last but not least.....I changed the awful utilitarian and practical brushed nickel door knobs with these flashy and probably not practical brass and glass knobs that I found on Amazon! I flipping LOVE them!!!!

So there you have it!!! Two sister doors....that are used a gazillion times a day...... standing in my kitchen in all their gorgeous glory.... not to be ignored or overlooked again!!!

painted pantry door with WoodUBend mouldings | Tracey's Fancy

I hope this inspires you to not overlook the simple things in your home that are just waiting to be dressed up!

I am praying Matt will agree to me doing all the doors in our hall soon..... in BLACK! LOL! I'm not holding my breath!

This kitchen has seen quite a change over the last several months.... I painted the cabinets (twice because I just wasn't feeling the color).... painted the backsplash a harlequin pattern... and made an accent tile over the stove.

More Home DIY Project Inspiration

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The products listed here are what I used for this painted pantry door project! Dixie Belle Paint company offers amazing products that will make all of your projects successful no matter what your skill level! Just click on any of the products shown below! You can also find my favorite products and tools in my Amazon influencer list here.

Here's how it works...these products are attached to my name. When you purchase by clicking from my blog.....then Dixie Belle offers a kickback to me for referring you! It doesn't cost you any more to use my links....and the support helps me to bring you new projects! So I thank you in advance!!!

See you next week!



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painted pantry door with WoodUBend mouldings | Tracey's Fancy
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