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Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

This Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar is a whimsical, jungle-themed masterpiece!

Every once in a while, I stumble on a piece of furniture that just piques my curiosity.

THIS is one of those pieces.

I found it on FB Marketplace and would have driven a long distance to buy it, but come to find out, it was less than a mile from my house!! As a bonus to this convenient situation, it was being sold by a talented sculptor and I really loved seeing her work!

FB Marketplace find that Tracey's Fancy used to upcycle into a Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar by using Dixie Belle chalk mineral paint

A find I LOVED, but didn't know what to do with

You may have joined me as I went LIVE on Facebook asking for opinions about what to do with this "appendage"!?!?

The chest is just so unusual with its hooved feet and bottle storage, and this thing that hangs!?!? LOL!

Matt suggested we cut it off. I chose to go LIVE as I can always count on my Facebook family for ideas!

Someone mentioned "pushing a button," and it was suddenly revealed to me. YES!!! That was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I would finally have an opportunity to use one of the "push for champagne" or "ring for wine" (or whatever else they say) buttons!!!! Thank you, Amazon for making my search easy!

While I waited for delivery, I got started on the makeover!

If you like watching the transformation, check out my YouTube video:

Click here for the video.

Beginning the Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar!

We (Matt...LOL) primed the piece with a single coat of Dixie Belle's Boss in gray to assist with adhesion and probable bleed-through from wood tannins.

Matt adding BOSS in greay to prime Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

Once dry, I chose a combination of the yummy pink Peony and blended it into Caviar.

I realize this is a harsh and unusual blend, but I chose this for a reason since I planned on gold-leafing a large portion of this cabinet. It was necessary to have an under-layer that was strong enough to hold between gold-leafed zebra stripes.

I also had a vision of powerful, smoky hooves; almost as if charred from being so smoky hot and sassy!

So I painted the entire piece in Peony.

Painting Peony onto legs of Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar before blending out paint to create a gradient fade

Applied paint onto legs of Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

With Caviar, I painted each hoof and, using the blending technique, I created a graduated pink to black upward onto each leg.

It is EXACTLY the look I had in mind. Because I loved the look of the legs so much, I chose to add Caviar on all corners and edges of the cabinet.

Painting peony on the whole piece to create Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

More Peony CMP paint being applied to Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

A Challenging Blending Process

This is not an easy blend, and not one I would recommend for beginners.

Blending is much easier when using shades from the same color family. Contrasting colors such as hot pink and black are FAR from the same color family.

Painting on Caviar chalk mineral paint onto Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

Painting on more pink chalk mineral paint onto Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar
using brush to blend Peony and Caviar chalk mineral paint for gradient effect for Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

I do encourage those of you that have become comfortable with blending to give a combination such as this a try!

A good challenge is always a growth opportunity.

By the way, look at that blend! I am in LOVE with how this part came out. It can be challenging, but definitely rewarding!

Completed paint blending

The Zebra Pattern

The next step was planning out the Zebra pattern. I used chalk to draw it out first. After drawing the top and front surface, along with taking the pattern down the sexy front legs, I decided this would be plenty!

Tracey using chalk to draw zebra design for Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

Using a small brush and metal leafing adhesive, I painted every zebra stripe in preparation for the leafing process. When using a brush on adhesive, you must wait a minimum of 30 minutes before applying the metal leafing sheets. If you are using a spray-on adhesive, you can apply leafing sheets immediately.

Applying gold leaf adhesive for gold sheets to be added to Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

Gold leafing time!

With the adhesive nice and tacky, I began applying the gold leaf sheets. I just laid down sheets in sections and brushed off the excess before moving on to the next section.

Completed zebra stripes for pattern on Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

Gold leafing excites me, and is so incredibly satisfying!!!

I tend to use gold leaf on projects in waves. It makes me want to gold leaf everything!!!

With all gold leafing applied, I then brushed on the gold leaf sealer using a small brush.

I was careful to ONLY apply it to the zebra stripes. Once dry and protected with the special sealer, I then applied a DB top coat in Satin to the entire cabinet.

In retrospect, I should have sealed my paint first, then applied my gold zebra stripes. But I get too excited with leafing and I don't think clearly!


Next up????? The doorbell! LOL!

Ok...not a doorbell, but the "ring for champagne" button!

Button Tracey bought and applied to Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

It's as if it were made for the "appendage"! LOL!

Doesn't it just make it NOT SO SERIOUS?!?!

Button applied to Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

I'm so happy with it!

The Handle

Lastly, I really felt this piece needed a handle!

It is meant to be opened, yet there was nothing to use to lift the lid.

I found this handle at Hobby Lobby!

The gold and the design were perfect!

Gold handle Tracey bought at Hobby Lobby and attached to Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

I felt it had a tribal vibe which I felt was perfect with the zebra theme!

Matt drilled holes and installed the handle and I maybe did a little dance at the completion of this gorgeous cabinet!!!!

Frontal view of Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

THIS is a conversation piece!!!!

Whether it will be used to store wine, or the wine storage holes are lifted out and the cabinet is used for something else, it was created to be a feature piece and conversation starter for any room and gathering!!!

Wine bar with the bottle holder still attached inside of Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

Tracey taking out bottle holder in Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

Empty chest after bottle holder is removed from Pink & Gold Zebra Wine Bar

I'm glad I decided to keep the appendage, and am beyond thrilled to have stumbled across this on Marketplace!

I'm still madly in love with gold leaf, and I am hoping you are inspired to create from your heart; no matter how weird or wild it seems!

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